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Walk in for Luxury, Walk out with Pleasure at ‘Sucasa Goa’

The last two years have been monumental in changing our lives in unexpected ways. The lockdown forced us to stay copped up at homes and cancel our travel plans. But it also gave us the new concept of “work from home’’ which quickly changed to “work from vacation homes’’. This changed the way the world viewed short term and long-term stays, as people figured out how to work from places other than office spaces. Many office goers loved the idea of staying in resorts and hotels and working from there as this allowed them to get the work done, enjoy family time post work and have gala weekends. Also, who doesn’t love the free WIFI, incredible room service and the yummy food that one gets to enjoy at luxury stays?

Luxury Service apartments are a big reason to create this trend. So, what is a luxury service apartment? Premium service apartments are a European Concept where resorts have 1 BHK&    2 BHK apartments for large groups of family and friends. This is better than hotel rooms because hotel rooms only allow a select number of people in a room and extra beds are charged separately. Service apartments usually charge on the basis of rooms, tend to be bigger living spaces than hotel rooms, and have more premium in-house amenities.  As more people can enjoy together and feel at home, these service apartments are the top choice when someone wants to have a premium experience of life.

So, what’s so special about Sucasa Goa?

Sucasa Goa’s luxury service apartments provide an abode for its customers that are fit for a King and Queen. With air-conditioned apartments that wait to welcome you into a soft double bed luxury bedroom, you can park yourself here to watch your favorite movies on the best LED TV. 

The Kitchen amenities include a Dining table, a microwave and an Induction cook top which helps you and your family to enjoy hot, delicious food that is cooked in the apartment. You can also order from the resort’s famous Spice Chilly Restaurant, a classic restaurant that provides authentic Goan & Mughlai food. The apartment also has a coffee kettle to serve your midnight coffee cravings which can accompany your home-made biscuits and snacks.

 Families can chill in the luxurious swimming pool with their kids in the most scenic location of Goa thanks to Mrs. Supriya Mandar Sawant, the Founder and Director of Sucasa Hospitality. Mr. Sagar Rane is her Business Partner who subsequently joined the venture and is helping in handling the business together.

Sucasa Goa takes exclusive care of your needs to help you feel rejuvenated after a holiday. To ensure safety & hygiene for all customers, Sucasa Goa follows a strict sanitization policy before a new customer checks in and after each customer checks out. They provide contact less check-in and their house keeping staff is well trained to ensure that all precautions are taken to make it a memorable holiday for you.

You can connect via the following links,

Website: https://www.sucasagoa.com/

Instagram: https://bit.ly/3tsZhgd 

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