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Writer Riddhi Patel Made A World Record.

Writer Riddhi Patel who is the pride of Valsad made a world record for writing a 13 liner poem in which all the sentences begins with the letter ‘W’ along with this she also received Ray Memorial Award 2023 and by profession she is a student aiming for NEET but by passion she is a reader cum writer who believes in positivity and peace and always ready to help people around her believing in sparkling of kindness wherever she goes.

About Writer Riddhi Patel

Writer Riddhi Patel is the daughter of Umesh Patel and Pragna Patel who is a young budding writer hails from the beautiful city of Valsad, Gujarat.Currently she is completing her education from Shree Vallabh Sanskar Dham’s, Smt.Shobhaben Pratapbhai Patel Day Boarding School, Killa Pardi, Valsad and she is a NEET aspirant aiming for 2024, by profession she is a student and by passion she is a reader and a writer!

What Does Writer Riddhi Patel Beleives?

Writer Riddhi Patel believes in positivity and peace along with this she is cool and calm person who is always ready to help people around her!
She believes in sparkling of kindness wherever she goes!

Writer Riddhi Patel’s Hobbies

Writer Riddhi Patel’s hobbies are penning down her thoughts, reading books, spending time surrounded with nature, spending quality time with friends and family members along with this she is fond of listening music which helps her to keep herself calm and peaceful.

Writer Riddhi Patel is extrovert but sometimes introvert, it completely depends upon her mood and the way she is familiar with people.

What Does Writer Riddhi Patel Feels?

Writer Riddhi Patel feels that she is a learner and wants to spread motivation to the youth about focusing more on goals and being confident about their work.She deeply believes that ” If you believe in yourself and your hardwork, you will definitely get succeed”.

About Riddhi Patel’s Success Story

Riddhi Patel Says About Her Success Story “When I started writing in 2018, I felt that it is not possible that you share each and everything what you think, that’s how I started writing.I just wanted to express out my unsaid words.
To be honest, I never thought I would be a writer.I started writing thoughts to express out my thinking.When I started writing I never realised that I can be a good writer.
Later, there were many competitions going on which was of State and National level, I participated not to win but to experirnce the competition level.Unexpectedly, I won State level than I participated in National Level and there also I won gold medal.At that time I realised that I can write good and shall continue my this habit.
Now penning down thoughts has been my hobby.After getting confident about what I pen down I started participating in various writing competitions and till now won 40+ competitions on State and National level.
Gradually as time passed I started achieving success in my writing journey, in 2020 I got chance to be co-author and that changed my life.My first book as a co-author was ” Ashes That Flames Beyond The Time”. After participating in one book I got many offers and till now I have successfully co-authored 40 books.With God’s grace, I have compiled my own book ” WINGED STARS”, which is available on all e-commerce apps like Amazon, Flipkart,Google books, etc.
The main reason behind compiling book was to influence youth to be motivated and importance of being positive. I have seen people writing about various book themes but only few writes about positivity and motivation. “Winged Stars” is an anthology depicting the deeper meaning of being positive in life. This anthology is tinted with the essence of the beautiful journey of life and many intresting lessons that can be learnt from it.
After I published my own book as compiler/author, I got an opportunity to judge two competitions and was assisted as junior judge which was one of the best experience I had.As I got successful to my writing journey, my work in literature got recognized by Rabindranath Literary Awards which is one of the prestigious awards recognized under government.
I enjoy being part of writing field and I feel proud of myself by following my passion and even focusing on goals.”

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