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Writer Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah Made A World Record.

Writer Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah Made A World Record

Writer Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah who made a world record by compiling the longest anthology comprising of 280 co authors on the theme of anniversary wishes dedicating to her parents on their 27th Anniversary hailing from Panvel,Mumbai,Maharashtra studying in 11th standard in arts stream in Mithibai College Of Arts is a bharatnatyam dancer,youtuber,poetess,writer,founder of “SJ Publication”,co founder of “S &S Publication and works as MD in many other publication she is also the compiler of 10+ books some are yet to be published,co author of more than 40+ antologies and has compiled a world record book for her parents 27th wedding anniversary,soon to be author etc.

About Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah’s Journey

Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah’s journey was really amazing and she thinks that “talents are not achieved they are ascribed we just specialize it, and whatever happens it happens for a reason.Age is just a number to be said, real self is always younger than ideal self.”

About Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah’s Dream

Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah’s dream was to start her own publication and it got successful because of the help of parents and god blessings,loved ones and sian publication,INKZOID FOUNDATION PUBLICATION and many people who are like a family to her and ofcourse “SJ Publication Team Members” trying something new to explore the world, loves family and her near and dear ones lots.

Writer Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah Made A World Record

Writer Srushti Suresh Jyoti Shah believes that people will say , give opinions , pull you down , will make you cry for no reason or just they think you are on wrong way without knowing the background of work, but just keep in mind that “if you have no one to oppose you then you are on wrong way, if there are dont look back you are right”, she is highly inspired from her parents ,( their real life struggle) , her supportive teachers , friends , and loved ones who never left her alone on her hard times.

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