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YoMindz, India’s first platform for the mental, emotional, and social skills of children

Isn’t it lovely when life’s highs are accompanied by a beautiful feeling of exhilaration and dancing?

However, it’s not so great when the lows of life result in an emotional breakdown due to stress.

Understanding our positive and negative emotions can help us deal with various situations more effectively and efficiently.

The ability to regulate one’s emotions is essential if one comprehends how their feelings affect them, those around them, and social relationships.

The complexity of our emotional triggers makes it tough to pin down precisely what sets them off. When things go wrong, it’s hard to keep our emotions under control.

It can be catastrophic if you can’t manage your emotional reactions to your own or others’ emotions.

“A mental, emotional and social attribute called YoMindz is the first of its kind in India, and it can help children improve and stay agile.”

When it comes to building a child’s self-esteem, it’s important to foster healthy social, emotional, and mental growth, as well as long-term relationships rooted in a shared sense of purpose and value. It is possible to help youngsters control their emotions, form healthy relationships, and feel empathy by combining Social and Emotional Intelligence with Neuro-Linguistic Programming developed by YoMindz. By going above and beyond the standard educational system, this program aims to assist youngsters in better managing their emotions and developing healthy relationships.

For children aged 8 to 17, “New Code Emotional Intelligence” is a comprehensive curriculum that aims to assess and work on social and emotional quotients, considering the rising number of mental and emotional breakdowns in children and adolescents across India. 

An Emo–warrior is a person who can face, accept, and resolve any problematic issue, no matter how small or large it is. This program comes with a life-changing chance. Emotional Intelligence combines Social-Emotional Intelligence and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), which draws out the tiniest details about thoughts, mental functioning, habit formation, the impact of suppressing or over-expressing emotions, social behavior, and social skills, as well as their practical applicability. YoMindz makes no compromises when fostering children’s ongoing social and emotional development to help them become Emo–Warriors who are socially and emotionally strong and secure. 

“Their goal is to create 1 million Emo–Warriors by 2023. These Emo–Warriors will visualize their minds, ideas, and emotions through experiential learning, leading to a deeper understanding of themselves”.

Key Difference – YoMindz and its ‘New Code Emotional Intelligence’ program

– As the first platform of its kind in India, YoMindz makes no compromises when it comes to helping children improve their learning and retention abilities through the development of emotional, mental, and social skills.

– With this method, kids are taught to identify and express their feelings while also gaining social and emotional skills, so their progress can be tracked while they’re engaged in the learning process.

– Goal setting is a skill that the program teaches the youngsters to build grit and acquire what they deserve in life.

– The founders have done extensive research on the subject to ensure that the students have a fruitful, joyful, and satisfying future. Due to the creators’ undying feelings towards the youngsters, this platform stands out from the crowd. They have moved ahead with this platform as their friend, teacher, and mentor.

– The curriculum emphasizes emotional regulation to help children grow up and develop leadership qualities and decision-making so they can keep their emotions and impulses in check before acting.

Albeit, Academic ability is the essential factor in a child’s future success, social-emotional skills are just as critical. At this stage of life, YoMindz places substantial importance on socio-emotional abilities, which will help students succeed in school, land a good job, and have a fulfilling personal life.

(To know more details, visit https://www.yomindz.com)

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