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Abhishek Haridasan – Creating, Crafting, and Inspiring!

Abhishek Haridasan is an author, creative professional, and social media marketer with decade-plus experience scribbling at leisure and ensuring he conveys honest messages, a tad unbelievable at times, but true to every word and enjoys speaking to people who share his values of being honest in their trade while finding ways to marry content with life’s precious moments.

Abhishek Haridasan, as a content creator, constantly shares experiences through long-form content and videos to ensure people are inspired, focused, and driven towards excelling in their careers, enjoying quaint days/peaceful evenings and travels when the mind is free and where food experiences are plentiful.

About Abhishek Haridasan’s Achievements

Abhishek Haridasan’s achievements include his journey as an author, as he authored two poetry books and contributed to multiple anthologies, he has a flair for creative writing and enjoys storytelling and he considers writing and communication as the pathway to glory and empowering people.

About The Book: “Love is the Winner” By Abhishek Haridasan

“Love is the Winner” by Abhishek Haridasan states that love can be tested through situations, wane a little bit, or get masked by other priorities in life; however, love triumphs over all.

Abhishek Haridasan said, “I have come to believe that when you are in love, you think about everyone around you and always want to set an example.”

He also said, “This book is dedicated to the wonderful people I know and will know whenever they read this book. These oems are an ode to my maternal cousin and brother-in-law, whose ideas of falling in love and being great soulmates have inspired me! These poems started as a joke; however, the regularity with which I could churn out these mini sonnets made me sit back and say, ‘Wow.’ I hope readers enjoy reading them and find themselves in situations of true love.

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