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Agam Sachdeva And Muthu Kumari Becomes Best Selling Compilers.

Book By Agam Sachdeva And Muthu Kumari

Agam Sachdeva and Muthu Kumari becomes Best Selling Compilers for their book “Labour-The Perfect Example Of A Hero” which is a book dedicated to all the hardworking labour class of our society. They are so hardworking and they never give up on their dreams and this book ranked 4th also becomes an international best selling book.

We have a tons to learn from them and I truly appreciate even after been mistreated by some of our richer sectionof the society, they still keep smiling and working on themselves. They face alot in their day to day life and still don’t complain an inch about anything because they know that their hardwork won’t go in vain. I truly appreciate their spirit of always going and neverpausing. They work so hard without any breaks and never regret. They respect everyone, no matter the other does it or no! They truly are an inspiration for all of us and we do have alot to learn from them. I truly appreciate them from the bottom of my heart and this anthology isjust a token of love for all these hardworking people of the society!

About The Compiler Agam Sachdeva

Agam Sachdeva

She is an extremely talented girl who at the such an age has done wonders. She has been a co author in more than 150 anthologies and has compiled 7 anthologies till date. She is a strong believer in hardwork and karma, she has a motive to work for her country and receive lots of love. She is the founder of a community named Shining Stars.

She loves dancing, writing, painting alot and she loves to help people who suffer during their tough times. She is a full time animal lover and is a very cooperate human to work with. She achieves alot of prizes and almost win all the competitions she be a part of. She works hard for her dreams and makes sure that her hardwork never goes in vain. She wants to change the world in a manner where there is every kind of emotion, she also sometimes become moral support for people in order to advice them, at a very young age she has experienced alot and people often contact her for advices, she tries helping everyone in best way possible.

She believes that if we have faith in ourselves and we know what to do and at what time, then nothing is impossible. All the anthologies she has complied in past are all very special to her, she has worked with different publications. She deserve more and more in her charming and beautiful life.

About The Co Compiler Muthu Kumari

She is MuthuKumariM, a science student from Thoothukudi, co author of many books and compiled many books. Believe in quote, “there is no exercise better for heart than reaching down and lifting up.” She has donated her eyes and organs. Working in many publications. Love to make new friends and others smile. Her ambitious is to become a doctor.

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