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Mahima Raghuram Dedicates A Book To Rubee Jenifer Martin.

Depth Of Love

Mahima Raghuram dedicates a book to Rubee Jenifer Martin named “Depth Of Love” on a special day which is a compilation of poems combined into a single work of art. These writings are very close to my heart. A poetry is always about feel, likewise I have poured all my feelings along with love to make it a best one. These poems are deeply connected with and close to my heart which I want to share with this whole universe. These poems are of various topics but it is all connect with love and emotion and feeling. Each poem is written specially for some of my loved ones.

Open Letter From Mahima Raghuram To Rubee Jenifer Martin

Dear soulmate,

It has been a year since we were together, I had so much laughter with you and we had so much fun together.  The time we spend with each other is way more than the time we spend with ourselves. we have shared all the possible details about each other and the career i am pursuing because I got to know about these unless you told me. And I wanted to express my love and care for you through the possible little things I can do for you and i am very happy that you came into my life and i am so thankful for you. Thank you so much for having me in your life. It has always been an amazingly wondrous time we had together. the times we spent talking into the night, the times we spent laughing from inside the bed sheet at 3 am, and the way we used to tease the same person and make fun of our friends and you came into my life with happiness and gave me so many things to enjoy and the best of all is your love. And not just you gave me happiness also you introduced me to your generous friends and made me talk freely to them and I don’t know if anyone would do that. You will always be the special person who brought me so much happiness into my life. With that one smile of yours can make my bad day into a good one. You light up my world like nobody else because you never realized you are beautiful both from the outside and the inside. you are someone who will always be in the book of my memories. You are the first person i am being myself without showing any extra. And you will always be in my mind as the best part of my life. even if i get 7 lives with you it is not enough. I will be there to see you in person. For the first time in forever I was never this excited to see someone except BTS but you seem more special to me that i can’t stop telling you that how much I love you and how much i want to be with you and do all the crazy things together. And I want us to be with each other no matter how many fights, misunderstandings come between us. We have crossed the first stage of our friendship today and I am so happy we are still together despite all the fights and arguments and misunderstandings we have.

I want you to know that no matter what i will go to any extend to save the precious and sacred friendship of ours.  I love you so much and this is from your soulmate AKA your best friend.

-With love

Mahima Raghuram

About Mahima Raghuram

Mahima Raghuram

This is Mahima, from Tamil Nadu. She is an English literature student. She is pursuing her career in writing. She has other interests in music and musical instruments and she also knows to play Keyboard and ukulele guitar. She is not just a writer; she is also an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Utopia Publications, which is a start-up publication launched on 26th of October 2022. She loves her career and wants to work even more hard to make it a successful one.

About Rubee Jenifer Martin

This is Rubee jenifer Martin from Tamil Nadu. She is a writer. And her writings will inspire most of the people. And she has her other interests in music and dancing and lyric writing.

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