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Ajay Choudhary– The man behind the fusion of Haryanvi culture and entertainment

With the advent of the internet and smartphones, everyone can promote their interests through social media. Instagram and YouTube, for example, are excellent platforms for sharing the talents of deserving people with people all over the world. The success in these sites is motivating and inspiring the content creators to produce more and more high-quality content and new ideas and themes. It takes a lot of effort, creative ideas, hard work, and promotional ideas to achieve the name and fame on these sites.

Ajay Choudhary, who started the YouTube channel Urban Haryanvi comes from the small district of Bilaspur, Gurgaon. He was inspired by the YouTubers and decided to prove himself and show his hidden talent to the public, so he started the channel with great intent. For him, the journey was not always easy or fruitful. He had to overcome numerous challenges, receive countless comments, and deal with people’s critical words and demotivating sessions. But none of this deterred him; instead, it served as a catalyst, motivating him to work even harder to achieve his goal with utmost perfection in a short period. The quote “a friend in need is a friend indeed” proved to be true in the case of Ajay Choudhary, demonstrating the value of friendship. Ajay Godara, Sunny, Vishal, Ankit, Praveen, and Manish Sehrawat, his friends, have aided him in ways beyond their abilities and have been with him since the beginning of his journey. They encouraged him, preached positive words to him, bolstered his motivations, and convinced him to keep going with his channel despite the setbacks.

Urban Haryanvi, as the name suggests, is a fusion of both city and rural Haryanvi culture. This channel’s speciality is to introduce the soul of native Haryanvi customs and practices to people all over the country, which has helped the channel grow in popularity and garner over 320k subscribers. The channel promotes moral values such as patriotism, awareness of suicidal thoughts, dedication, and ambition, in addition to producing comedic and entertaining content. In their most popular video, “Aukaat Fauji Ki”, he emphasises the importance of never sacrificing one’s life for another. He added some optimism by saying that people should not be broken up after breakups or love failures, but rather digest the experience and move forward with their goals, putting their all-out effort into achieving them. The final voiceover discusses the greatness of army officers, their sacrifices, and their love for the motherland. The video has over 10 million views, which has brought a lot of attention to the channel.

Ajay Choudhary sees his channel and his audience as a platform to encourage people not to judge or mock others based on their appearance, economic status, or profession. In his video “Desi Hu Gareeb Nahi,” he highlights the significance of not cheating in relationships for the sake of money or gifts. The video illustrates that being old fashioned or more inclined to the Indian desi style does not imply poverty or backwardness and thus upholds the country’s traditions. “Desi Hu Gawar Nahi,” the most recent video, was released last week. 

Ajay Choudhary believes that his channel will continue to grow as long as he produces meaningful and unique content. He believes that he will be able to carry on the legacy for many more years to come. The channel’s mission is to promote and enhance Haryanvi culture in all parts through entertaining elements. Through his trademark desi humour content, he hopes to reach every man and knock on every door in India.

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