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Mr Abdul kadar Badroddin Shaikh is forth set to be a big name in the coming days in the STOCK MARKET

While the world is going through a severe financial crisis & emotional crisis in covid -19 this man has opened the portico for himself in the stock market area.

Mr Abdul kadar talks about his journey from being Dropped out from 2 major carriers he didn’t know what was his calling. This journey and the accomplishment that is has reaped until now is because of his father he says,

When Abdul started his career in the stock market the first rung, he did take was to learn the aspect of the stock market he turned on the technical aspect, his knowledge self-learned interaction and understanding from the industry experts, and his own experience

Nowadays, I hear about people losing up the entire capital investment that they have saved, or brought in the market to make more money but they have ended up in huge losses because they don’t what they are executing advice from telegram, friends who gave a tip and  youtube channel  tip to buy that stock is okay  for an extremely short run  but in the end, you will be in losses in the long run

Abdul kadar clarified what technical traders need to follow apart from strategy there are four crucial rules

1) Money Management

2) Risk Management

3) Disciple on one trading setup

4) control your emotion that will be influenced automatically if you follow the above 3 rules

The Right set of technical knowledge is being abandoned and wrongful information about the technical analysis is being shared, technical analysis is based only on chart reading, candlestick Pattern, trendline and support resistance the key is to master any of these people often just need a shortcut to make money and surprisingly stock market is the place where you can but with the right knowledge and discipline people think what is the interlink between trading and being in disciple why to obey it honestly, but being a technical trader in the market is all about disciple and rules apart from strategy

Today, ABDUL KADAR BADRODDIN gives stock market trading advice to many leading business persons managing their stocks. As a successful stock market wizard, he focuses more on risk management which is the fundamental principle of stock trading. He believes that effective risk management strategies are inevitable for avoiding huge losses in the trading business

While the world is going through a severe financial crisis, it also opens doors for new ideas and disruptive thinking soon he will be introducing a further visionary platform that will for successful traders. He will be soon initiating an online mentorship program. 

He says there is information overload in the market, and people are deluding the novice to the wrong information.  

So he urges the people to invest and trade with the right advice  and knowledge

Abdul kadar shaikh Instagram – o.hugmeimfamous

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