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Author Ankit Saraf – An Inspirational Author From Sitamarhi.

Author Ankit Saraf is an inspirational author who is the pride of Sitamarhi always inspired by his mother Mrs chanda Devi Saraf in every spheres of his life and his father’s name is Mr Rajkumar Saraf along with this he currently wrote two books first is “THE LOST BOY WITH DEEP THOUGHTS” and second one is “अधूरा प्यार” with this he loves to eat Dosa and his habit is playing cricket,travelling,reading books and listening poems and his favourite food is Idli actually he loves to eat south indian food because he loves Dhoni who is his favourite cricketer.

About Author Ankit Saraf’s Passion

Author Ankit Saraf’s passion is playing guitar and he is a businessman actually he is writing from 2 years and after sometime he was thinking that he should publish it among the public so with the blessing of god and his parents also he started publishing it and he published 1st magazine under Namya Magzine and from their he got so many platforms with so many advantages and he got an opportunity to publish his 1st solo book and thanks everyone who helped and supported her in this tough journey and they show their solidarity.

About Author Ankit Saraf’s Achievements

Author Ankit Saraf’s achievements got many awards, trophies and medals also in the writing field and he feel lucky that his family, friends and special ones including his close people all are very supportive and helpful and he remember one time he was not getting any chance to publish my any book or magazines that time he was just breakout and was going through a rough path that time his parents told him “Don’t loose hope one day u ll become a very successful person in ur life.”

About Author Ankit Saraf’s Hobbies

Author Ankit Saraf’s Hobbies are playing guitar,watching movie,travelling,playing cricket and reading books.

About Author Ankit Saraf’s Favourite Food

Author Ankit Saraf’s favourite food is Idli and other south indian foods because his favourite cricketer is MS Dhoni who is the captain of CSK(Chennai Super Kings) in IPL.

How Author Ankit Saraf Started His Writing Journey?

Author Ankit Saraf started his writing journey from last 2 years and he was writing for just timepass and one day he thought that he should publish the book and then he got an opportunity and then he started writing the book and after one book when it got published he got so many platforms and many advantages he also won many trophies, medals and certificates also.

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