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Author Dipika Jangir Comes Out With Her Book “Soul In Fragrance”.

Author Dipika Jangir

Author Dipika Jangir the pride of Rajasthan is a 25 years old girl who is the author of the book “Soul In Fragrance” which is her first solo book which contains 30 poems written in last four years.The poems are written on various topics and mostly written in syllabic form.

Who Is Author Dipika Jangir?

Author Dipika Jangir was born in a small village of Rajasthan who recently came out with her first solo book “Soul In Fragrance” which is a collection of poems.Her family is a typical indian family. She is an aspiring artist and like other artists she had also suffered from conventional rules of society. She loved reading books and drawing since childhood. Unfortunately She could not carry on her skills on next level.

What Are The Hobbies Of Dipika Jangir?

Author Dipika Jangir

She started again sketching and writing in 2014 as a hobby but five years ago she dedicated herself to drawing. During her post graduation she fell in love with literature more which inspired her and she put her thoughts into words. Poetry is her favorite genre. She finds it most expressive form of words. Poem is like whole book in few words.

About The Book “Soul In Fragrance” By Dipika Jangir

“Soul In Fragrance” is a collection of poems written by author Dipika Jangir where all the poems are fictional.They do not support any type of religion, gender or political issues. They are inspired from the daily life of the poet and nature. They are allegorical and full of vivid imagination. The poems are based on love, flowers, gods as fictional characters. If any relation found with anyone’s life then it will be considered as a mere coincidence.

What Inspired Dipika Jangir?

Nature always have inspired Dipika Jangir since childhood. It leads you on better path and let you to find the essence of your soul.

What Is Dipika Jangir’s Aim?

Dipika Jangir’s aim is to have a meaningful life and live thoroughly. So, when she is old she would have no regret.

Author Dipika Jangir’s Personal Life

Name: Dipika Jangir

Social medias



Facebook: dipika.jangir.756

Inspiration: S. T. Coleridge, John Keats

Favourite colour: White, black

Birth Place: Rajasthan

DOB: 09/11/1996

Qualification: Post Graduate in English literature

Married: February 2022

Hobby: Drawing, writing, reading, photography

Ambition: To live a meaningful life and have no regret when she is about to leave the world.

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