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Divya Rashmi Dudia has emerged as the trending writer from Jodhpur

Divya Rashmi Dudia – The Financial Analyst and Trending Writer from Jodhpur

Divya Rashmi Dudia is a financial analyst from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, India. She is an enthusiast , epistemophilia , nature lover, and a soft hearted girl who believes that you can achieve every bit of what you want to be .

She is a writer who turned her passion into her profession. She has been into writing since 2018. In 2020, she became an anthologist and is now a proud co-author of over 70 anthologies. She as compiled the popular anthology 90’s childhood.

Awarded as young talent by Inkzoid Foundation, Divya’s success story was recently featured in a magazine named “Doodly minds”. She was awarded woman laureate literary personality also awarded by Inkzoid in talent awards.

Dudia is a head compiler in spectrum of thoughts publication and wishes to work even harder. She believes in the saying, “work for yourself and let it speak. Work, work and work don’t expect the results!! You have the power to turn each day into a successful life story. Keep working hard and keep grabbing the opportunities.”

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