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Author Neeta Shukla An Elegant Author From Mumbai.

Author Neeta Shukla

Author Neeta Shukla is a 35 years old housewife. She was born on 24/8/1987 in Mumbai. She grew up in Mumbai and was fond of writing since school time, but never dreamed that my book would ever be published or she had ever progressed so far in the writing world, because she got married at the age of dreaming. Missed studies, left Mumbai and at the same time the hobby of writing also started giving up. After marriage, she started living in this village.

Due to the village being very backward, no one knows what is “writing” or what a writer/writer is.
Then their world was limited to their children and mother-in-law. The wish is to see the daughter higher than the sky. And changed the society towards daughters.

Earlier she used to write her compositions in a diary, then slowly started writing on Facebook page and today she has written more than 100 works. And from this Facebook page, people started knowing him by the name of “Bawri Jogan”. And today their compositions and poems are written in your quote, Instagram and Facebook, as well as they have given their compositions in more than hundreds of shared compilations. Some time back a book of his was also published “Khwaishe Mann Ki”.

She is very fond of writing love, separation, pain and Mann Ki Baat. Along with writing, she is also very fond of reading books.
In social work, she likes social service and helping the poor. She wishes to open an old age home by earning a lot of money so that I can serve as many elders as I can.

The writing aspires to do something big in the world as well as wants the happiness of everyone’s “mind”.

About the book “Maan Ka Rishta” By Author Neeta Shukla

“Maan Ka Rishta” By Author Neeta Shukla

The book “Maan Ka Rishta” By author Neeta Shukla signifies that relationships play a very important role in human life.Relationships teach us to sacrifice, learn to love and also inspire us to be involved in each other’s sorrows.

That’s why we should respect every relationship….there are very few people who get any relationship with love, respect and belonging, that is the relationship of the mind.

Is the relation of mind wrong?
Is there any fixed age for the relationship of mind?
Is love wrong after an age or after marriage?
So my answer is no… it’s not wrong in any way.

I do not believe that any form of love can be wrong. These relationships, bonds and rules and regulations are all made by human beings but not love.

Love is the purest emotion created by God. Which leads us to perfection.

Anyway, who are you and I to decide whether this form of love is permissible and it is illegitimate?

Where and, in which book or book these rules have been written that after such age you cannot fall in love or after getting married you will not have the feeling of ‘love’ for someone else?

People often say that despite being ‘married’, he/she started falling in love with someone else.

Can someone explain to me whether marriage means the end of all kinds of feelings that arise in the mind or does all the attraction go beyond all attachment and delusion?

The relationship that is made on paper, I feel that there is a relationship of one’s mind many times stronger than that. In the previous book, I had written only the feelings of love going on in the mind and the pain of the mind, in this book, what is the relationship of the mind, I just want to tell this.

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