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Author Anita Rohlan The Pride Of Lachri Village .

Author Anita Rohlan

Author Anita Rohlan (Aaradhyapari) was born in 2002 at Lachri village of Nagaur, Rajasthan. Her mother’s name is Santosh Devi and father’s name is Mohanram. Her elementary education took place in Lachri, later she studied BA from Smt. Mohri Devi Tapadia Girls College, Jaswantgarh. At present she is a first year M.A student, she has been a school and college toper, she is also interested in sports, she has got red belt in karate and taekwando yellow belt, she is also fond of painting, writing songs and dancing. She has a great love for nature, it inspires everyone to live a positive life, she believes in living life freely, she is influenced by UPSC, she believes that the person who imagines can give it a tangible form, just always in her own right. Be aware of the goal.

She loves to write, but it considers it a powerful medium of social change, her poems have been published in 100 books. This is her first self authored book in which she has expressed her feelings through the points of society, human, love, hate, sorrow, happiness, country and abroad, nature etc.

“You have to be faster than the speed of time, if you want to rule this world, then first you have to become a ruthless king of words.”

About The Book “Safar -E- Zindagi” By Author Anita Rohlan

The Book “Safar -E- Zindagi” By Author Anita Rohlan

The Book “Safar -E- Zindagi” By Author Anita Rohlan tells that today’s young generation who is more and more social media.
But if it stays, then this book is for them, which includes poems of worldliness, nature, love, deception, country_foreign, home_bahar, rich, poor, high, low, all kinds of nature, by reading which they can awaken themselves to the feelings of others. They can understand the importance of that and above all, they can also learn to write and take inspiration to move forward. We see that at present, as we have forgotten to read books, it is because of this increasing attraction towards social media, where one and we connect with ourselves through books, we know about society, country, family. Get away from all this from the media.

Time is changing every moment, world is changing every moment, something new is being written in books all the time, dictionary of words is being prepared, mood of people is changing, then with all these changes we are also Write something new, read something new and create a new literature for the new generation to come Every poem in this book teaches something or the other.

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