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Bhatia Communications and retail (India) Ltd. is a mobile and tv retail chain franchise based in Surat city of Gujrat.

The ever-evolving technology has brought in a huge revolution in the telecommunication and electronic gadgets sector. The demand for smartphones, headsets, smartwatch and electronic gadgets is increasing exponentially. Bhatia Communications and retails (India) Ltd. is a multibagger stock in this telecommunication and technology sector which is performing well in the stock market. The script code of Bhatia Communications and retail (India) Limited is 540956. 

Bhatia Communications and retail (India) Ltd. is a mobile retail chain franchise based in Surat city of Gujrat. This company has been dealing in retail and wholesale distribution of smart phones, tablets, SD cards, headsets, smartwatches and mobile accessories for 18 years and more. This company is performing exceptionally in the retail telecommunications market. The success of which goes to Mr. Sanjeev Bhatia and his team of young and energetic entrepreneurs. The main vision of this company is to satisfy the consumers which is the strongest point of this company. Today the company has over 100+ retail stores and industry experience of 18+ years. The retail chain franchise has more than 2000 industrial expert advisors. Bhatia Communications and Retail Ltd. is the leading name in authorised retailing of major mobile brands be it national or international.

Due to more than 70% promoter’s holding and a great market presence this is a fundamentally strong company. Most of the customers all over the Gujrat regiment believes in Bhatia Communications for buying and servicing of their mobile phones and electronic gadgets. On the ground level company’s sentimental value is highly positive. Even in such a difficult situation due to a sudden hit from pandemic the company owns a good amount of cash reserve which will further help in growth of the company by launching new stores and tying up with big ventures.

A huge talk of the town is that in near future several big tie-ups are to be done which will enhance the growth and performance of the company for sure. Connoisseurs have termed the company as the biggest multibagger stock for this year.

Market Capital of Bhatia Communications and retail (India) Ltd is Rs. 133 Crores and compounded sales growth of the company in previous 5 years has been 14%. The compounded profit growth is a whooping 65% and return on equity is 15% from the last 5 years. The best part about it is the retail chain franchise is a debt free company. From the investment point of view the price of this stock last year was Rs. 60 but today it has grown up to Rs. 100. Therefore, the company looks stable on its ground sentiments and it is fundamentally and technically strong. Experts look on this company is that the price of one stock will grow up to Rs. 1000 in upcoming 6 to 8 months.

So, if you are looking to invest in a profitable stock then this is your best option and this is the best time to invest in this stock. After properly discussing with your financial advisor go and buy stocks from the Bhatia Communications and retail (India) Limited. Investing in this stock will be the ultimate key to open the door to all your dreams.

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