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Prof.Dr.Hrusikesh Mohapatra is a renowned Social worker & Environmentalist

Mohapatra is a renowned Social worker & Environmentalist who has dedicated his Life towards Society, Environment and has been a pioneer in the State on raising issues related to Social rights. Dr.Mohapatra, Who is the National Executive Director (India) of Anti Corruption Foundation, Director of Mahatma Gandhi Global Peace Foundation (Bhubaneswar) has received wide Spread appreciation for his outstanding work during the COVID-19 pandemic situation.
Dr.Mohapatra is also the founder of Odisha‘S Popular charitable Organisation “PRAYASH “.                            

Through Prayash Foundation during Pandemic Dr.Mohapatra has distributed more than 90000 meals to poor street people with Mask & Sanitizer. He has also adopted 30 blind people in Odisha during the Pandemic & used to give them basic amenities regularly. Dr.Mohapatra has introduced Shri B.K.Mohapatra Tatkal Sewa through Prayash. It’s an instant relief fund to needy people urgently in their requirements such as any Accidental Case, Flood, or cyclone Case.
Dr.Mohapatra has also introduced Prithviraj Dibyang Swabalambi Yojana in which he used to help physically disabled poor people economically…                                                                                                                                        For his Excellence Work in the field of Society, Environment & Humanity Dr.Mohapatra has received so many awards & recognition Globally. He has also received Doctorate & Professorship awards from various universities & organizations.
In this interview, the world Peace Ambassador Awardee speaks about his activities & more..                                                

What Made you go into Social Work..?
Ans: I have a desire to help others.I believe if I can make a smile on People’s faces then it’s the real satisfaction for my Life..
How do you Balance your Social Life & Personal Life..?
Ans: It can be tough as a Social worker. I am a rather organized person & I am able to separate between work & home.I have a good Partner My wife Smt. Sheetal Kar to take care of any necessities at home.I always thank my Better half.
What Inspires you most..? Give us some insight into ur future Plans..?
Ans: Late. Basant Kumar Mohapatra My father, My Hero inspires me always.I am a follower of Swami Vivekananda & Dr.Kalam Sir.
I always follow Shrimad Bhagwatgita regularly.I came from a small village of Mahanga & always believe that to help someone money is a secondary thing, Positive intention & self-interest is primary..
I want to encourage & spread the message of unity, Family values, universal Brotherhood among people to create a peaceful Society. Also plan to organize awareness campaigns for the Protection of Environment. Nature is our Mother.If you truly Love Nature you will find beauty everywhere..At Last “Basudhaiba Kutumbaka”

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