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Collabgenics: A Hyderabad Based start-up gives you free life to Finance and Business.

They were founded in 2018 and made a good move in the market by providing Financial and Strategy services to the startups alongside individuals.

Collabgenics is a leading professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions in Finance, strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations. Combining unmatched experience and specialised skills across more than 25 industries and all business functions, Collabgenics works at the intersection of business and technology to help clients improve their performance and create sustainable value for their stakeholders. With over 500 people serving clients in over five countries, Collabgenics drives innovation to improve how the world works and lives.

Collab capital is a product of Collabgenics, which mainly deals in Handling the money of an individual. As we aim is to make everyone free from financial pressure life and make their lives Happy. 

In collab capital, public can look at all the stocks listed in the stock market and with the mutual funds available in the market. It provides the complete data from the fundamental analysis to technical analysis. It gives the investors the risk profile to analyse their risk and leverage to the market and strength towards the earnings from the market. It also provides a unique service; the user needs to upload their portfolio in the prescribed format and the team will examine the portfolio and give the right suggestions for the changes that need to be done in the portfolio.

Collabgenics also majorly focus on transaction advisory and Tax plannings. It almost covered 10+ countries in advising the transactions to be done.

Alongside it has great experience in strategy building and implementation. Their strategy plans come out with how exactly the problem is in the full view and what exactly the competitors are doing, and what are the needs of the user. By basing these 3, they build various strategies to have a much more success ratio.

Reaching out to customers.

“Initially when we started, nobody was willing to work with us. We faced lot of troubles in making a good team too. It took almost 6 months to build a good team and faced a financial crunch during the early stage. But later we increased the business in a good numbers and Crossed the Geographical boundaries in reaching the clients. There has been a lot of learnings and collaborations in the last year.”

“What matters is the capabilities we bring to the market, the investments we make to be a trusted advisor to customers, and how we take our people along,” – BBS Reddy.

Future Plan

Working on priority to eradicate poverty from India. For a country that has been struggling with hunger, water crisis, unemployment, unhappy farmers- hemp could be the solution to many current issues. They want to empower Indian farmers, work together as an industry to create a rising circular economy for India. “We aim to tie up with the governments to facilitate the business facilities to the startup companies and a good organisation culture too from the starting stages in the MBA and PGDM colleges only”. By that we can create more startup companies which helps in the problem-solving issues faced by the public in day-to-day life.

Even we are working on a new product, i.e., Financial Valuation’s using the Technology. by this every finance person will reduce the time of work. Alongside we are taking care for society to with the Ngo SeedIT.

Future Funding:

Collabgenics is further planning to raise 10M from its Investors to further expand the business in all the verticals and further to establish its branches in all the Tier-I Cities too.

Motivation to Collabgenics: Life is with 10% of Money and 90% of relations, Family and Happiness, but due to lack of financial knowledge we started running after money and changed our life to 90% towards Money and only 10% to ourselves. It can bound back only if we have that financial knowledge and planning.

From a very small desk with one person and no capital, I hustled the way into multiple enterprises and industries, learning from customers as well as ourselves on the possibilities. I did all of that and basically built Colab group into what it is today. So, Collabgenics is a leading endpoint for many for their start-up’s and Financial Life, it’s all an Investment Management company,” BBS Reddy says.

Collabgenics is the most loved financial and Management service on Google.

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