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Teeth Whitening – The quick fix to brighten dull and yellow teeth!!

We got into an interview with a Cosmetic Dentist to know more about the cosmetic treatment called  Teeth Whitening. People nowadays are becoming more and more conscious about their smile and white teeth is something that everyone desires. Here’s what Dr Noureen Hemani , a Cosmetic Dentist and a Digital Smile Designer with over a decade of experience, has to say about Teeth Whitening.

So Dr Noureen, how often do you come across patients asking for Teeth Whitening, What is teeth whitening, is it the same as teeth cleaning?

Teeth Whitening has recently become very common and a lot of people are opting for this cosmetic procedure as it is a painless procedure and a quick fix to correct dull teeth. Teeth Cleaning and Teeth Whitening are two very different procedures.

Teeth Cleaning is done to remove stains and tartar that are deposited on the tooth surface, it does not change the color of the teeth. Teeth Whitening, on the other hand , is a procedure to brighten and lighten the color of teeth in order to enhance the smile.

Doctor , People generally don’t like the dentist (laughs), is Teeth Whitening a painful procedure ?

I totally agree with you, we get to hear this often , “I am scared of dentists, I don’t like dentists” (laughs) . But the truth is Teeth whitening and in fact all other cosmetic dental procedures are pain free and comfortable, it is like visiting a salon or a spa for pampering yourself, the only difference is this time the teeth are being pampered and the outcome would be an enhanced smile full of confidence.

How much time does it take to do Teeth Whitening and how long do the results last?

There are various Teeth Whitening systems available to perform whitening in the clinic or DIY systems. I recommend Teeth whitening that is done in the Dental Office by a qualified Dentist as it is safer and the results are outstanding. It is a single visit procedure of 30-45 minutes and the result depends upon the system that is used. Usually it lasts for 8 months to 15 months depending on the individual’s intake of tea and coffee, or habits like smoking. It may last longer months if the aftercare is followed as guided by the Smile Expert.

People are also concerned about it being harmful to their teeth or gums, is it true?

No, it is not harmful. If done professionally and with the recommended intervals , it is an extremely safe and a totally painless procedure where a special blue light and the whitening gel are applied to the teeth. With systems like the ‘Philips Zoom Teeth Whitening’ which is gaining popularity the chances of temporary sensitivity after the procedure are also negligible. But is it important to get consulted by a qualified Dentist to check for underlying issues like dental cavities, worn off teeth which may become sensitive during the procedure. We have a team of Smile Experts who can educate you more about Teeth Whitening and can check your teeth to know if you are an ideal candidate for it.

Does Teeth Whitening help in people who have stains due to habits like smoking, Tobacco chewing?

Yes it certainly does. When preceded by a good session of teeth cleaning, it can create magic and give an instant smile makeover in such patients. The other advantage is that some of them may love their new smile so much that it may also motivate them to quit the habit itself.

What are the other Cosmetic procedures to enhance the smile?

There are many treatment options available to enhance the smile like Ceramic Veneers and Laminates to close gaps in between teeth, removal of brown pigmentation to make gums and lips pink, braces and aligners to correct crooked teeth, tooth diamonds to add a sparkle to the smile etc.

All dental cosmetic procedures are painless but it is important to choose a qualified smile expert to avoid disappointment.

Who are the doctors associated in your team ?

Our team consists of 6 full time doctors who are present round the clock to give best patient care.                Dr Jainika Tandel is the Head dentist of our Dahisar Center and under her leadership there are 2 senior doctors. As our centers receive various queries in regards to general dentistry also so our Panel Doctors who are on consulting basis are visiting us as per their specialty and needs of patient.

Brief intro about my brand

Dentist4u is a chain of Dental Clinics with three clinics in Mumbai- Juhu, Dahisar, Mira Road.

We have a team Of Smile Experts who can examine the smile and advise the recommended procedures.

Dentist4u is the official smile partner of Mrs India Inc. and our smile experts are specialized to provide complete smile makeovers.

To Contact our Smile Expert

7303 100 200 – Juhu   –  8108 100 200 –Dahisar – 9220 100 200 – Mira Road

Email Id : Dentist4u.ge@gmail.com

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