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Get ready for the bhangra competition between the two Brother-in-law’s from the movie Fuffad Ji, the first dance number of the movie is OUT NOW!

Chandigarh, 23 Oct, 2021 (Shivam Madaan) Whereas, it is difficult to handle the tantrums and orders of one son-in-Law and if the two come together then the life of the in-laws becomes hell. We are talking about the upcoming Punjabi film ‘Fuffad Ji’ which will be released on November 11. While in the film, you will see the little quarrels between elder & younger son-in-law, at the same time, the in-laws will also be seen bearing the temper of the both. The film stars Binnu Dhillon as Elder brother-in-law and Diamond Boy Gurnam Bhullar as his younger brother-in-law. Viewers are already eagerly waiting for the film to be released but to keep their curiosity alive, Zee Studios has released the first song of the film titled ‘Gal Ban Jau’.

The song ‘Gal Ban Jau’ is a dance number on which you will start performing ‘bhangra’ as soon as you hear it. In the song, the elder brother-in-law ‘Arjun’ and the younger brother-in-law ‘Chan’ have gone to their In-law’s house for a wedding where the bhangra contest between the two can be seen, because it is all about satisfying their Ego by winning the contest. This song will perfectly fit to perform ‘bhangra’ at marriages and family functions.

Talking about the set of the film, this whole set has been built specially. This comedy drama film will present the story of 19th century about how in laws used to respect and give special treatment to the son in laws.

The song is sung, written and composed by Gurnam Bhullar and the music is given by Daoud.

The film ‘Fuffad Ji’ is written by Raju Verma and directed by Pankaj Batra. Produced by Zee Studios and K Kumar, the film will be released worldwide by Zee Studios and K Kumar Studios.

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