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The Wizard of the Historical Fiction Genre is here!

When an author is able to create magic with this very first novel in the historical fiction genre, it is only apt that you call him a wizard. Indeed, Niranjan Mudholkar has created absolute magic with his debut novel ‘The Kingdom of God’. With a gripping storyline, thrilling narration and engaging characters, Niranjan Mudholkar has shown that he is not just here to stay and but he is also here to rule the world of historical fiction!

Narrated in the non-linear style of storytelling, The Kingdom of God is about the adventurous journey of an ancient box and the emotional quest of a daughter for her father. To understand how these two seemingly unrelated plots merge together, one has to read the novel. Traversing through centuries and cities, ‘The Kingdom of God’ is a classic tale of characters that are brought together by coincidences. To his credit, the author has interwoven history and fiction very skilfully and in an entertaining manner. It is quite rare that an author is able to create a literary masterpiece with his debut novel and Niranjan Mudholkar has accomplished this challenging task quite remarkably. And that is reason why he has recently won the HBW News’ Global Achievers Award 2021 for achievement in literature for the ‘Best Debut Novel’ for ‘The Kingdom of God’.

“The Kingdom of God has been a quest for me. It is a quest to understand history and to reconcile it with the present so that the road to future is crystal clear,” says Niranjan Mudholkar explaining what inspired him to write the novel. And it seems the quest is still on. While readers have just started basking in the glory of ‘The Kingdom of God’, its author is already working on the sequel!

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