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Gurpreet Sabarwal – the lady with mission

Gurpreet Kaur Sabarwal

Gurpreet Kaur Sabarwal is the lady with mission. She is the founder of Startorial Technologies Pvt Limited, OneNest Studios, Tarotspace, Believeit. Gurpreet Kaur Sabarwal is also co-director of Ice College of Hotel management.

Founder of startorial technologies pvt limited with a platform named as OneNest studios that provides local artist a platform to showcase their talents. We make sure that every talent is paid. Our mission is “to give every artist a platform and to fill the entertainment need of every sector”
It started with one venue and now we have venues almost all over India with the base of more then 10000+ artists.

Founder of Tarotspace – Spreading awareness of spirituality and helping people cope up with their mind, body and spirit.

Founder of believeit – A subcompany under tarotspace where we make spiritual products so it reaches to most of them. Making mental health better by the power of mind and spirituality.
Co- Director of Ice college of hotel management

Making education reach to every level of population. Making learning and studies much easier, innovative, practical and employable. She has received Navbharat women achiever’s award 2021.

To get your tarot reading done you can contact her via Instagram

To be part of open mics and standup comedy of Onenest you can contact them via Instagram

To read her creations you can follow her on instagram

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