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Nature’s Romance : A Poem By Anonymous


Staring at the starry sky I lay,
Begging my dreams to stay!
That they will come true,
At dawn some day.

And then there you were in my bed,
It was only you without a thread!
Make love to me toe to head.
Oh my love, is that what you said?

Now between us there is no air,
Is this only a dream is my scare;
As you wriggle your fingers in my hair,
You dare me just not to stare!

You are so royal, so chaste,
It’s a sin to even touch you in haste!
Can I be amidst angels placed?
To have my arms around you laced!

As we then lovingly embrace,
Amidst of love and a lusty haze,
We demand ferocity and little grace!
Our hearts pounding at a maddening pace.

The peaks and valleys I scale,
On you I leave my trail.
You realise you got in a ship;
In a stormy sea without a sail!

As I explore a cave,
Seeds of life in it I save!
Unstoppable wave after wave,
But still for more I crave!

Soaked was my manhood in a mess!
It was a wily game of chess,
I made my mark I guess,
When in ecstasy you scream,
Oh my god, yes!



As the sky wears the blanket of the night,
And stars sprinkle their candle light!
Lovers to their heart’s delight;
Find their beloved in the moons sight!

But my heart a frozen peak,
Pecked by memories like;
An vulture’s beak!
Old reminiscences whine and creak;
Your thoughts are the warmth I seek!

When your breath would caress my bare chest;
And as I kissed your mounds at their crest!
Filling my soul with a new lease of zest,
Completing my soul’s ageless quest.

Like the waves bathe the shore,
My lips seek yours all the more;
I am now a sailor without his ore,
Or a desert waiting for his sky to pour!



In the rein of love there is no law,
A few are scarred by its claw!
Might hurt but won’t have a flaw;
It’s chaste and pious when it’s raw!

As flawless as the rampaging river,
That can wash away earth of its last sliver!
Or the way your crimson red lips quiver;
As mine feel them and make my heart shiver!

Though everything around me feels so dead;
The elixir of your bosom makes my soul fed!
All my fears away from me have fled;
Even of death I am not dread!

At times numb and lonely I feel,
Some wounds I don’t let heal!
But my heart has no room to reel;
I think of you before the almighty I kneel!

This poem style is erotica, the poet has vividly expressed his intense feeling in the poem, the poem aims to open reader’s mind and think about the deep yet untold aspects, it shows intimate relationship between human body and nature, how well nature and human is linked and how both of them works together for the continuation of human life and environment.

The poet has beautifully, intensely and mesmerizingly portraited human body and it’s assistance to life.

Read the enchanting and bold poems to explore more about the bold aspects of human mind and it’s beautification about human bodies.

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