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How to promote your book in India? The secret of book marketing success!

How to promote your book in India? The secret of book marketing success!

Publishing a book in India is not as difficult as it used to be several years back. Good Traditional Publishing and Self Publishing Houses have made it possible for writers, poets, and authors to publish their content.

Every author dreams to become a bestselling author. But is it so easy? Book promotion and book marketing is a very important thing for a book to reach its readers. On one side, there are a lot of options available for the authors and publishers to choose the correct marketing or literary agency for the promotion of their books. On the other side, there are some book marketing service providers who make money and provide substandard services which do not help in the promotion of the book, or PR of the author.

A major question to ask yourself before you start marketing a book is that you want to promote the book or the author? A mix of both is generally considered the way out. Author PR and promotion is important as the author might publish books in future too, and people need to know that.

Various strategies are available to market a book. These include: 

  1. Influencer Marketing on social media
  2. Media Features in national and international media
  3. Celebrity and book club promotions
  4. Book Awards
  5. Literary festivals
  6. Interaction with the readers
  7. Social Media promotion
  8. Book/Author promotion music release
  9. Book/Author promotion using out of the box strategies based on the genre and type of book

Which agency in India provides the best book marketing and promotion at low cost and best results?

Digital Golgappa – India’s leading and most trusted marketing agency is currently India’s best agency for promotion and marketing of books and authors in India. It provides the media features, magazine features, social media marketing, influencer marketing, book offline marketing, and many out of the box book marketing, book promotion, author promotion, author marketing, at the lowest cost, and hence Digital Golgappa is the most affordable and best results oriented literary agency for any author in India. 

Every published author and budding writer must definitely contact Digital Golgappa for the best options in their budget and requirements.

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