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This Digital Marketing Agency is Committed to a Greener Environment..!!

Conceived in 2018, One Digital Factory started its operations during the pandemic in 2020. When many businesses were shutting down due to unprecedented economic strain thanks to the lockdown, ODF took the bold decision of venturing into the world of online marketing. The company’s vision is to provide transparent and honest digital marketing solutions to its clients. There are many options available today in the market when it comes to marketing online. Number game is a much more significant factor on this platform, and clients specifically seek to project their profiles like the one with the highest followers and engagement rate.

However, there are many unfortunate practices rampant in the market that agencies resort in order to deliver the expected ROI. ODF seeks to stand apart because it only employs authentic and honest ways to provide genuine organic growth to its clients. This sometimes results in disillusioned clients feeling a little disappointed with the rate of their progress. Still, ODF doesn’t compromise on this end and strives to establish a transparent work system where the client is made aware of the achievable targets before starting the project. 

 Another very unique feature of ODF is its broader mission – to contribute towards nurturing and protecting the environment. With this idea, ODF has pledged to plant a tree for every client it takes onboard successfully. 

 “It’s quite simple actually,” says the young and dynamic founder of ODF – Mohit A Jaitly. “The more technology driven we become, the more strain it puts on our environment and takes us farther away from nature. We are already suffering the consequences of neglecting our environment. I thought, why not try and build a more eco-friendly framework where we can easily balance digital advancement and nature conservation. Planting a tree seems like a small step but promises bigger returns in the future. In the end, it’s all about the greater good.” So far, ODF has planted around ten trees in Ulhasnagar. 

 When asked about how he decided to start this venture, Mohit said, “We are living in a virtual world. The covid-19 situation has contributed to this situation further by transforming personal interactions into virtual ones. In such a scenario building a solid online presence is a must to generate loyalty and trust towards your brand. This is what ODF is all about.” 

 One Digital Factory not only helps you market your products and services online but provides you with 360-degree solutions required to Create, Nurture and Sustain your online presence. Branding, Web development, SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Online PR, and Audio/Video distribution are the bouquet of services that makes ODF your one-stop shop for a complete Digital Marketing solution. Digital marketing is different from traditional marketing in many ways. It is more flexible, cost-effective, and offers better reach and visibility to the brands. It also requires a deeper understanding of the target audience based on their location, gender, age group, and general preferences. Every social media post, every page of your website has to be relevant to your audience’s needs and wants. A simple sales pitch doesn’t do the trick here. The brand should connect with its clientele on a personal level to nurture and retain the relationship. This is the pulse of online marketing that ODF not only understands but also operates upon. Unique and innovative ideas, pocket-friendly prices, and honest results are ODF’s USP. But it also prides upon its client-friendly customised packages and a deep study of the target audience that it provides. 

 Mohit and his team are currently operating from Palava, Dombivili, where they have their physical office. However, given the nature of their work, they are open to catering to clients from across the globe. Having worked with individual artists for a significant portion of last year, ODF is now targetting small business holders and start-ups to help them upscale their business to the next level. Mohit says, “Majority of small business holders are still not aware of the transformation digital marketing can bring for their business. Hence, we are keen on providing budget friendly customised marketing solutions to our local business holders so that they can stand out amidst global competition.” That’s one step towards lending support to the Vocal for Local initiative. 

 One Digital Factory is committed to building an open and transparent digital marketing ecosystem where the clients get effective ROI (returns on investment) and can fully benefit the digital advancement. By offering a complete set of digital marketing solutions, ODF aims to sort out all your digital marketing woes. Additionally, it strongly believes in the motto ‘together we grow’ and hence pledges to strive for a greener environment and lend better support to indigenous businesses. 



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