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“I am forever thankful to my global fans,” says the global literary sensation Ka’Ron Gaines in this interview

7 February 2022 was a historical day in the history of literature. Ypsilanti based global literary sensation Mr. One God Ka’Ron Gaines became the first author ever to write and publish six different books on the same day. One God Publishing, Digital Golgappa, and Inkzoid Foundation have collaborated to create this history and set up a new world record.

What does the inclusion of ‘Woke Seed’ Term in the English Dictionary mean to you?

Being in the English Urban Dictionary is priceless to me. Knowing that I actually shifted the algorithm of the world makes me feel like Neo in the Matrix movie lol, I broke the code. It has taken my creative confidence to a level I can’t come down from. Just knowing if I died today, that my term will forever exist is an amazing feeling. Well it’s no longer my term it’s our term. Being the first person on the planet to even put those two words next to each other is still unbelievable to me.

How do you react to the success you are getting, especially after getting a tremendous global fan following.

I’m forever thankful for my global fans,  they make me feel real appreciated. Inspiring people around the world has expanded my thoughts and my mental reach. Knowing that I’m shifting the minds of the world comes with a big responsibility of honesty and hard work. I could never lie to the world because I then would be lying to the highest power, the Grand Architect Of The Universe.

You recently created a world record. Please let us know about it and the inspiration behind it.

Creating a new world record has been great, by adding another global accolade to my legacy. Where I’m from in Ypsilanti, Michigan and how I grew up we don’t usually make it to the forefront of the world. It’s so many things programmed to stop you from just simply thinking but I broke that code now several times. I’m only just getting started which is scary for some because they don’t want me to uplift the minds of others that grow up how I did in the conditions I did. I wish my Mom was here in the physical form to see this, but she is still here I can feel her presence. 

Name all books written by you till now and the ones which we can expect from you in the near future.

All the books I’ve written so far are as follows.

Woke Seed

All I See

One Race, One Culture, One God, One Pandemic

My Brothers I Haven’t Met Yet

All Lives Should Matter

Pursuing To Be Happy

I’m Just Like You

Books that are written and will be released are as follows.

Woke Seed 2 

Woke Seed 3

Everyone Has Subby

I Will Never Eat That Again

The Big Helpers

I Just Don’t Understand

The Child of Christ

What keeps you motivated?

What keeps me motivated is knowing that I’m on my purpose which is to be a Woke Seed. A conscious being that spreads enlightenment to others for them to enlighten themselves. We don’t need any leaders we need woke seeds. Inspiring others around the world moves my spirit, money can’t replace the feeling I have daily. My fans around the world also keep me motivated that push from them helps a lot, I have a obligation.

The title of ‘Global Literary Sensation’ is a great honour and pride. Does that also bring any responsibility with it?

Yes of course, I take that title very seriously. I represent all souls, even animals , because I feel obligated to showcase that we are all one. My motto will always be “One Race, One Culture, One God”. I don’t just represent and speak for the ghettos around the world but for anyone who does operate from the inside out. My thoughts have got me here and it’s my obligation to help others tap into themselves as well. I’m honored and take the highest pride in being “The Global Literary Sensation”

What do you do apart from writing outstanding books?

Outside of creating and writing books I love to create music, watch thought provoking movies and documentaries, and most importantly spend time with my children. My children are the silliest souls on Earth to me, I love them more than anything. I feel privileged to be their Father.

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