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Jahan Shah – The Founder of Synkarnia.

Jahan Shah, Founder of Synkarnia

Jahan Shah is the Founder of Synkarnia. He is a Certified Blockchain Architect (CBA) and enthused Machine Learning developer who recently won the Ethereum Community Conference hackathon ( Europe’s largest Ethereum hackathon ) in CELO track held in Paris. He also got awarded the “Top 25 Incredible Talents Of India” award in the category of budding start-up owner by Incredible Indian Awards.

Jahan is a 19 year old developer, and a budding start-up owner from Gujarat, India. He is currently working on integrating Machine Learning technology with Blockchain for predicting an assets price based on its historical data along with on-chain governance for passing proposals and voting for new sustainable AI based projects with a common treasury.

Jahan Shah

Recently his start up has been funded by Shark Teens ( An initiative by Antracon for incubating start-ups ) for pitching his project and winning the first place at LJ University.

He has worked on multiple open source blockchain projects for developing DeFi and web3 based applications and also won FiveHacks’22 ( Global app development competition ).

About Synkarnia

Synkarnia is a machine learning based indicator platform for viewing forecasted prices of crypto and stocks using Auto Regressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA). Synkarnia is also going to launch their native coin on the Ethereum public blockchain which succesfully took place on a test-net.

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