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Maanyata Das, the new sensational girl in your town.

Maanyata Das is a 21-year-old Air Hostess, social media influencer and assistant director of many well-acclaimed movies from the Bollywood and Odia film industries.  Born and brought up in the Balangir district of Odisha Maanyata has cultivated a well-rounded personality that helped her stand out and be successful at such a young age. Being passionate about everything she does take her a long way both in her personal as well as professional life.

Her better performance as a cabin crew inspires others to keep growing and her performance as an influencer most importantly flaunts her confidence and new skills. Her responsibility, resourcefulness and resilience make her stand apart from the noise and stay ahead in the competition amongst her peers. Maanyata’s formula for success certainly stems from the factors of talent, passion, discipline and hard work. With all four formulas in place, the incredible result is inevitable but ironically her talents became the icing on the cake.

Indeed, Maanyata’s eventual achievement stemmed from her absolute passion for flying in the air. Without a doubt, becoming an air hostess is a fascinating professional option that many women make all around the world. To pursue this vocation, however, a lot of talent, patience, soft skills, teamwork, strong communication skills, and presence of mind are required, and Maanyata is the living example of someone who embodies every single trait a cabin crew member must possess. She has always been drawn to planes and their sounds since she was a youngster. She was constantly enthralled by the brilliant colours of the sunrise and sunset. Her eyes used to search for the stunning view of sunlight when it was wedged between cloud layers.

Maanyata has established credibility in the world of social media and has access to a huge audience and persuade others to act based on her recommendations. When Maanyata initially started uploading pictures on social media, she stumbled into the world of social media influence. Gradually people began to admire her appearance, and she began to receive proposals from brands. Though initially, she had no concept of what an influencer should be like, through time she had learnt about marketing and honed her talent. As she began to rise, she gained immense popularity garnering access to an even larger audience and highly targeted demographics. She has worked with top-notch brands in the past and is gearing up to make her mark in the world of acting in the near future.

Passion and creativity are fundamental to being whatever you choose to do. She created her own niche that ensured a timely and impactful message resonating with her audience and followers. She struggled to balance time between influencing and her profession as an Airhostess since it was difficult for her to manage both she was able to complete it with the help of action plans and passion that drove her to achieve her objectives. Maanyata has also worked as an assistant director in famous Bollywood movies like Mimi, Pagglait, Bell Bottom and many more alongside the Odia film industry.

Like every other people, Maanyata’s journey was never smooth and straightforward. Born in a middle-class family Maanyata had completed his education at Mausi Mandir School. She toiled hard to make every ends meet which helped her to achieve her dreams and goals. She was always fond of dancing, travelling and modelling and it was her hard work and true dedication to her commitments that turned out to be a rewarding pursuit in itself. By taking passion and value in her work she has developed a strong work ethic be it as a cabin crew or as an influencer. Her never give up attitude makes her stand apart from the noise.

She shares a few words for the equally passionate people “Never stop learning, keep chasing your passion and give it wings so that nothing can stop you from flying. Everything starts with you, make sure you value almost everything in life with strong determination, ardour and diligence so that you can come out on top and keep shining in your sphere”

Connect with her on Instagram – https://instagram.com/wishi.zeniaa?utm_medium=copy_link

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