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Mansi Prashant Sali – A fantastic writer from Jalgaon,Maharashtra

Mansi is a 19 years old writer,who possess fantastic skills of writing adroitness.She is based in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. She did her schooling from Podar International School and is currently into Business Administration field. She believes that, a person’s situation inspires him/her to react to the the things wisely and that’s what makes him/her strong enough to handle the hurdles, and if you have the skill to observe everything keenly throughout the situation, then you can easily turn them into words, which can help the world to think differently. That’s why she loves to spit her words out of her heart on the paper. She has always followed her heart, but trusted her mind too.

She believes not only knowledge embedded in books is enough, but one should be observant to his surroundings too & nature itself is the best teacher. She tries to write about the magical combination of both old ethics and modern thinking, but she’s more into the realistic stuff and humanity. She has been the co-author of 15+ anthologies like Incarnation- The World Record Holder Book, Power of Words, The Open Book, Happiness is a Butterfly, Extinction, Love Anecdote, Head Full of Words and many more. Some of her articles are also a part of Tridesta Magazine that is launched monthly.

She also compiles anthologies, her recently launched book is ‘Unsaid Words of The Realistic World’, which you can find on Amazon, Kindle and Flipkart and the other one is ‘Divergent Musings- An Affliction or Cure?’, which is in process to get launched.

She has also been an excellent participant in the National Poetry Competition by Super7. Besides writing, she loves dancing, reading, mythology and also holds excellent speaking skills, as she has been an active member of International Model United Nations Conference. She also loves music, as she believes it’s the best painkiller.

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