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Top 8 Exceptional Books Of The Year 2023.

Top 8 Exceptional Books Of The Year 2023

The top 8 exceptional books of the year 2023 are Swayam By Mayaa SH,A Place In The Sun By Dr Ritu Gupta,Theory Of Zeal By Sai Hari Vignesh N,Intricate Introspection By Ashi Sharma,Misha Thoughts By Manisha Venkatesan,Amour Propre By Dr Ritu Gupta,Hushed Anguish By Dr Ritu Gupta and The Primrose Aisle By Dr Ritu Gupta.

Team INKZOID FOUNDATION and Durlav Sarkar takes an initiative to felicitate the talents of India who created a name in the field of literature for their wonderful creations and contribution in this field.

Swayam By Mayaa SH

“Swayam” is a book written by Mayaa SH which is a dedication to the inherent qualities and thought process of two gems of the country – Shri Alakh Pandey and Shri Durlav Sarkar, who have achieved tremendous success in their respective fields. Their courage and determination to reach that shore of success has made them a real gem of the country. They not only worked hard to achieve the highest level of grandeur in life but also set an example for all that the word Impossible says “I am possible”. “Swayam ” is a self-guiding book for readers to read through various short snippets of reading in order to be able to relate to concepts in contemporary literature. This book can help anyone to take his/her motivation level higher by simply believing in the fact that “I can achieve anything in life because I am capable of it”. Swayam highlights the exponential growth mindset of successful entrepreneurs like Shri Alakh Pandey and Shri Durlav Sarkar to know your inner talent. What talent do you have? You develop it. Do what you feel like doing. Only then you will get success.

A Place In The Sun By Dr Ritu Gupta

The author Dr. Ritu Gupta being an Eduleader and A Counselor, is well versed with the challenging issues, persistent in Today’s Society. The motto behind writing this book, is to try to cater to the various problems that crop up in a relationship (any kind). Having going through a tough phase in her life, herself, she wishes to, address some of the few prevailing issues, providing a few positive suggestions towards wellness of each and all, as a Mentor.
The journey of life is different for each one of us. We all are aware, about the mindful solutions to our problems too, which somehow somewhere is imbibed in our back of the mind over the years in the form of suggestions, teachings, lessons etc from our elders, teachers and the senior members. Yet, we tend to forget, oversee, ignore or sometimes build an ego to avoid confronting the issues head on, thereby losing precious relationships. This book is thus all about, ” UNLEARNING AND LEARNING THE PATHSHALA OF LIFE”. To uncover the hidden empathy within us. To Be Humane!

Theory Of Zeal : The Hustle By Sai Hari Vignesh N

Theory Of Zeal : The Hustle By Sai Hari Vignesh N states that each of us has our own set of life lessons to impart. Whether you’re a teacher, a doctor, a mother, a caregiver, or a writer and author, the life lessons you’ve learned are important and can help others. I wish I had learned so many lessons while I was young enough to appreciate and implement them. The issue about wisdom, and frequently life lessons in general, is that we only learn them after we’ve needed them. The good news is that our experiences and the lessons we’ve learned can help others. One of the most difficult aspects of changing your life is remembering to put what you’ve learned into practice when faced with temptation, irritation, or adversity. Anyone can read about a technique and follow it, but remembering to do so in the actual world is difficult.

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Intricate Introspection By Ashi Sharma

“Intricate Introspection” by author Ashi Sharma is a book of jumbled collection of thoughts on pages which capture the depth of my musings into a steady flow of imagery. It’s a book portraying the whirlwind of emotions with my jinxed pen, a dainty notebook and adequate amount of words, balancing the optimism in the mind with the pessimism of the world.

Misha Thoughts By Manisha Venkatesan

In Misha Thoughts, readers are invited to explore the unique and sometimes crazy thoughts of Misha, a young girl with a vivid imagination and fearless spirit. Through her reflections and musings, you’ll gain insight into the way Misha experiences life, her relationships, and her environment. From the depths of her dreams to the heights of her aspirations, Misha leads readers on a thought-provoking and inspiring journey through the layers of her personality. Whether you’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of yourself or just want to explore a new perspective, Misha Thoughts offers an intriguing and captivating escape.


The author, Dr. Ritu Gupta being a Social Activist and A Counselor, has tried to reflect on some of the dark side of positive vibes, persistent in the Society. Toxic environments can be detrimental to one’s health, both mentally and physically. The book has tried to bring forth, few such insights, with a motto to aid you consciously recognize such negative vibes and cope with it. Life is too short to live in grudges. The more we dwell in negativity, the more darkness we embrace. Each of us have the right to savor a healthy and happy life. The book, is an attempt to usher you towards the path of healing. A happier and stronger version of you. After all, “LIFE GOES ON!”


This book by Dr. Ritu Gupta tries to vociferate the unspoken, unheard voice of the Silent. It is an attempt to express, the supressed pain of the people, who are unable to voice out their grievances. It maybe due to various reasons or situations. Generally, “Silence” is apprehended, as a mark of weakness and/or submission of the castigated. But that is not the FACT. The book is about love and relationships and the mutual bond that defines it.
Here, the author appeals to the readers, to introspect and review their outlook and attitude towards the loved ones and their valued relationships. The aim is to strive to inculcate the perception of EMPATHY and COMPASSION in our lives. To aid the Society, evolve as a Conscious and a Humane World.


The book by Dr. Ritu Gupta has endeavoured to be a reflection, of the various societal and liaison complexities, that are very evident these days. The essence of Love and Relationships are not confined to partners only. The comprehensive term correlates to any human bond.
It does not claim to be a BLUEPRINT of all the problems of life.
The contents in the book, only intend to serve as a guideline, to aid in resolving the discord, in a relationship, in however meagre way it can (bearing in mind, that each situation is unique in itself).
It is just an effort to assist in reviewing and re-acclimating our perception towards a situation.

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