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Meet Manavi Khanna, an 18 year old writer who recently published her poetry collection “The Truth Unsaid”

Manavi Khanna

Manavi Khanna is an 18 year old writer, poet and author of the book “The Truth Unsaid.” She was born and brought up in Delhi, and pursued her education from the renowned Amity International School. Her poetry collection was published on 1st January 2022, and is the first title printed under her name. 

Manavi’s achievement of publishing a book at such a young age is truly astonishing, as most people don’t even think about writing a book at such an age. But it is even surprising to know that the contents of her book are very serious in nature. She has penned down poetries that contain messages about feminism, patriarchy, and gender equality. 

The author is steadily building a reader’s base and her book has received positive reviews from its readers. We are eager to see what the future holds for her, and expect her to provide more such content to the writing industry.

You can read her author bio and book blurb below.


Manavi Khanna was born in 2003. She is a teenager having skills in vast fields. She was born and brought up in Delhi. The Truth Unsaid is her first book. The theme of her book is life, the challenges people face and are not able to talk about.


The book is about the obstacles that people face in life. Issues that shouldn’t be as tough to accept, as it is whether it be gender equality or feminism, or patriarchy. The book talks about the problems that people have faced throughout their life the problems that built inside them and couldn’t come out or the problems that did try to come out but were buried, as they weren’t accepted.

You can order her book from this link – www.amazon.in/dp/B09TTQRR55/

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