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Meet Nitumoni Gogoi aka Nitz – a passionate writer and co-author

Nitumoni Gogoi, her pen name Nitz is passionate in writing, she started to express her thoughts and feelings through words. She is a co-author of many books, written many articles. Since childhood, she has been fond of writing. She gets the beauty of poetic nature from her mom. She loves to dancing, traveling, writing, photography and likes to help needy one. She want to live her life in her own way with peacefully and happily. Likes to spend time with the elegant moon and angel stars under the sky.

Let us read a content by the author Titled ‘Tranquil in Forest’ :

Nature our home
Trees are dancing without disturbance
Lovely leaves are telling the secrets
Everywhere echoes of melodious voice.

There is a pleasure quiet
There is an amazingly beautiful;

Stay awhile, feel the elegancy of positive
Where time goes slow
and the deep breath is mellow,
Wanderlust calm amidst in beautiful trees
No hurry, no hurdle only peace.

Forest our home
To be friends with trees and listen their deep thoughtful breeze where all things are equal
When gets hurting or your soul needs healing softly
When things are in a way that can’t expect or heart try to understand
When something feels wrong or just need some place to be lone
Where exquisite of happiness shine,
Nature is the place where live the life freely and peacefully.

Always grateful for the beautiful forest
Trees our life,
Forest our home.

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