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Meet Rex Jovakim Joseph – Author, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Investor and also a student

Rex Jovakim Joseph is a Software engineer, an entrepreneur with insight, an Investor for a reason, and in addition to all this, a student who is striving to add up his title as a lawyer – LLB in Criminology at Middlesex University Dubai.

During the first year of undergraduate studies, the lad climbed the wall of entrepreneurship and added the tag of CEO to his name. He invested in three startups in India and two in Dubai. The journey was never easy, but no tides were big enough to end his passions and dreams. He has published two books – “8oo8oo diary”, “It’s too big to grab” and “Basorexia of a naughty dirty brat.” 

“It’s too big to grab” is a 52-page book with four chapters, including prose, poems and illustrations. The book is wrapped with countless puzzles hidden in every paragraph and word. S.U.L.T.A.N described in the book is still not revealed. Instead, it was just a word used to mislead the readers. The real SULTAN is still to be figured out.

“The book has 13+ prequels and 13+ sequels covering the history of three centuries blended with magical realism, true events and fantasies. The characters are just introduced in this book. Every character has a unique role in my series. The book is just an introduction to the main characters who play vital roles in my complete series. It took 128 days to wrap my book. Under high risk of mental distress, with the advice of my doctor, I began to chase down my dream. A dream which eventually started after my tenth grade. This book is not just a game with words but a surrender to my weakness and laziness. If a self-proclaimed failure like me could publish a book, then nothing is impossible,” said Rex Jovakim Joseph when asked about his book.

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