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Meet Sabita Dakua – an author of motivational books

Sabita Dakua is an author of 6 books and coauthor of 60+ books. She is a volunteer and judge in many communities. She has completed a master’s degree in business administration and psychology student. Her professional background clubs with 7years of experience in corporate and banking sectors. She has participated in many platforms and won awards in life.

One of them shouted in her mind – “You will start it and change the game of life”. These words embarked in her mind and continuous efforts were raised to make them accurate.

After releasing the first article in college and getting shouldered by a professor she dared to startup writing skills on social media platforms. Her quotes and poems writing skills were cherries on the cake to the compiler’s eye. She got continuous dm to participate in anthologies and started her new journey in lockdown. Motivating others became her self-inspiring thoughts. She has participated in many publications including Flairs and Glairs, Poetic souls, Rosewood publication, Blue birds publication, JEC publication, Serving you publication, Inkzoid foundation, etc.

Books by Sabita Dakua

During this journey, she took self-determination to start her own compiling and solo books. Noone will step ahead in life without supporters and writers became her best guidance in life. She started the journey with “Life multiplies” which was released in 2022 on the 7th of February and considers real-life stories of struggles. She involved friends and family to become a storyteller in starting two books. Her belief was to motivate self circles first and grow ahead in life. She has also dedicated “Incident reflects” to the known persons. Her efforts came in limelight and soon everyone started changing perceptions about her. Life and incidents always come ahead so, she tried to take the initiative to make it lower.

After releasing this she tried to solve love affairs and trending situations about relationships which will be shown in the “Relationship Dilemma” book.

Solo book- “Relationship Dilemma” by Sabita Dakua

Relationship problem is common in every teenager and elder. Continuously getting stories about this topic made her pen down about it. She has described well in stages of life how each person’s struggled in a relationship. Her main aim was to convince people to change the thought of feeling sad if they are getting demotivated in their personal life. She has given many success and failure stories wherein the situation changes the relationship from start to end. Her professional field doesn’t work with this topic, but she has been an author to motivate readers to come out of situations.

On completing solo about relationship realized that there should be motivation to everyone so, again came back with “Build up thoughts” book which is again completed with the help of co-authors. Soon after released “Restless night” to solve the stress of people with the help of writers. This way she continuously efforts for book writeups and readers always.

Later after learning about the stages of life, she realized love blooms in every one’s life so, she has written: “Alguien Enamorado” which is someone in love. This book title is given in Spanish so, that it will create an interest always. Her intention is to solve other’s life and make them smooth.

Books released by Sabita Dakua
Links as below-

Life Multiplies-

Relationship Dilemma-

Build Up Thoughts https://www.amazon.in/dp/B0B4WFZ1J9/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_KHE4VYSQ4XH4KNE7WMT2

Restless Night https://amzn.eu/d/iyQodrX

Incident Reflects https://amzn.eu/d/3fc68pZ

Award of Flairs and Glairs publication for top 10 deserving writers of India award as below-


Entrepreneur interview was written by Sabita Dakua for motivating youth –


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