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MiningBuddys founded By Raghavendra Poojari is listed in the Top 3 Trusted eCommerce Platforms

India’s leading eCommerce platform for Mining Equipments MiningBuddys is now India’s top 3 trusted and bestselling platform for mining equipment and miners. Miningbuddys was founded by Raghavendra Poojari recently in 2021.

Raghavendra Poojari started Miningbuddys recently to provide mining equipment in India with an easy and secure platform.

According to data, MiningBuddys is an eCommerce platform that is trusted and very useful for mining products. On their official website, there are more than 200 products are listed. Anyone from India can purchase their product online from their website.

Form company official handle: Miningbuddys is planning to launch their mobile application for android and IOS very soon for users. In a recent press release, the Founder of Miningbuddys, Raghavendra Poojari, shared that shortly, users can manage their shopping, equipment performance and other things from the mobile app itself.

In India, the craze of cryptocurrency and mining is on Boom. Due to the high demand for supply, many cybercriminals also started cheating on the name of online shopping. The supply-demand was high, but nobody wanted to put their money at risk by giving it to untrusted platforms due to a lack of transparency. That was the biggest reason behind MiningBuddys was founded.

MiningBuddys secures people from fraud and provides each and everything with complete transparency and trust. This is also a reason for its popularity in short timing. According to the company, Miningbuddys delivered 1000 successful deliveries to its users within the two months of business. In the next 2 months, they are targeting to supply around 5k-10k deliveries. This company already has been featured in many news channels and websites as well as youtube channels also.

Recently the company introduced an option of partial payment as well for their users. If you have an account on MiningBuddys and want to purchase any product on their website, you can also make a partial payment, and you can make a complete payment at the time of product delivery. After introducing this feature, the company reported a hike of 25% in sales as many users do not want to pay the total amount at purchasing.

MiningBuddys is a 5-star rating company with a great user experience and feedback according to Internet data. Team MiningBuddys is currently working on upgrading their user experience and trust over the internet & offline.

MiningBuddys- https://miningbuddys.com/

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