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Mission 2022: Arvind Kejriwal talking directly to people of Punjab over the phone in good Punjabi

  • Kejriwal made IVR calls to 1.38 crore Punjabis so far: Bhagwant Mann
  • Kejriwal’s words: Punjab’s bad days are about to end, just need your support
  • Kejriwal’s trust on IVR: AAP government will be formed in Punjab in 2022; concrete plans being made for progress of Punjab
  • Delhi is a witness, Kejriwal does what he says: Jarnail Singh

Chandigarh, October 18
Hello..Namaskar ji..Sat Sri Akal ji.. main Arvind Kejriwal bol rehan haan.. Ji-ji, Delhi da Mukhmantri (CM). Tusi kiven o? Tuhade naal 2 minute gal krni si. Punjab cha chaunan (elections) hon wali han. Punjab de maade din hun jaan wale han. Mainu pura yakeen hai ki tusi Aam Aadmi Party nu vote paoge. Aam Aadmi Party di sarkar banan jar he hai. Uston baad, Punjab di tariki layi ki karna hai, asi isdi puri yojna bna rhe han… Delhi di tarah Punjab vich vi bijli muft karange ate Punjab vich vi24 ghante bijli milegi; jiven Delhi vich kitta hai.. Punjab de har vyakti layi, muft ate changey ilaaj da prabandh karange; jive Delhi vich kita hai. Saari dwaiyan, saare test, saare ilaaj, mehnge toh mehnge operation; hr kisi layi muft honge.. iss ton ilawa asi hor bahu saariyan yojnayien bnaa rhe han.. Mai tuhanu phone kr k har yojna tuhade naal sanjhi krda rawanga.. Hun Punjab da changaa samaa shuru hon wala hai; bas tuhada sath chahida hai..Namaskar!” This is Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal speaking in pure Punjabi language on IVR call.
In a joint statement issued from the party headquarters here on Monday, AAP Punjab state president and MP Bhagwant Mann and Punjab affairs in-charge and MLA Jarnail Singh said, “In view of the 2022 assembly elections, the National Convenor of the Aam Aadmi Party and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is in touch with the people of Punjab directly on the phone these days. Kejriwal has so far been able to reach over 1 crore Punjabis with his message in good Punjabi and the campaign to communicate directly through the phone is still on.”
Bhagwant Mann and Jarnail Singh informed that direct contact with the people of Punjab by Arvind Kejriwal through IVR call over phone was started on October 8. Till last Sunday, October 17, Arvind Kejriwal, by talking directly to about 1.38 crore Punjabis, has not only given assurance of forming the Aam Aadmi Party government in Punjab in 2022; but have also told about the concrete and visionary plans being made for the prosperity and progress of Punjab.
Bhagwant Mann released Arvind Kejriwal’s Punjabi language IVR call of 1 minute 12 seconds to the media and said that Arvind Kejriwal is a determined leader with ‘speak and deed’. Kejriwal doesn’t believe in ‘jumlas’ and excuses only to gain power. Kejriwal believes in the ‘politics of work’ which shows more work by speaking less. The number of promises Kejriwal made to the people during the 2015 Delhi elections; he did more work than them before the 2020 elections. This was the reason that in the history of the country during the 2020 Delhi elections, the Aam Aadmi Party was the only party, which went to the voters of Delhi and appealed for votes saying that if the Kejriwal government has worked for the last 5 years (2015-2020), then vote for Aam Aadmi Party, otherwise don’t.
But the people of Delhi, saluting the politics of work of the Kejriwal government, gave a record victory like in 2015 with 62 seats out 70 to Arvind Kejriwal. According to Jarnail Singh, this is the reason that today the people, frustrated and broken by the false promises and looting government of the Congress and the Badals-BJP; is considering the Aam Aadmi Party as the only hope, which can solve the problems of the people and of Punjab with the confidence of politics of work.

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