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Nikhil Jain And Shaili Jain Created A History.

Nikhil Jain and Shaili Jain created a history and made a world record by compiling the first ever book dedicated to ‘Shree Sammed Shikharji’ a Jain Teerth named “Shree Sammed Shikharji Jain Teerth Shetra”, which consists of Jain writers from across the country with a motive to urge the Government of India that Shree Sammed Shikharji shall remain a pilgrimage forever along with the preservation of Jain teerths.

About Record Holder Nikhil Jain

Nikhil Jain belonging to Maharashtra, is a businessman by profession and a writer by passion. He has educational degree of BBM and BBA. He is fond of travelling, sharing knowledge, literature and literature, and trying to be better than his previous self. Nikhil likes writing his thoughts down as he is of the opinion that what can’t me expressed verbally can be expressed by words and pen and leave a strong impact on the reader.
Growing as a writer, Nikhil felt the politics in the field, and in order to save the young minds from it, he started his own publication house named Unité Publication and love.vibes143. He has been part of 900 anthologies as co-author and has compiled over 90 anthologies. Currently he is working as a published in BAP Publication.
Recently Nikhil Jain has got several records listed in his name under Inkzoid Book of records.

  1. “100 Sainos” First ever book written entirely based on Saino, written by 6 different writers from 6 different cities.
  2.  “गागर में सागर”Which consists of more than 10 different styles, composed in 7 different native and foreign languages.
  3. दिल से मुंबई इंडियंसHe has made a  world record for writing the first book of Acrostic Poem dedicated to the players of the IPL team (Mumbai Indians) named “Dil Se Mumbai Indians”.  
  4. अस्तित्व (Existence)Nikhil has made a unique record working with Rajvi Shah for Compiling a unique anthology named “अस्तित्व” (Existence) which has a single form of poetry ‘Acrostic’ on vivid themes, containing words of 3-7 letters, this unique book of theirs was listed in  Inzoid Books of world record 2022 and Glorious Book of World Record 2022.
  5. अक्षर  This book is a collection of acrostic poems using only three alphabets. This book also has a place in the Inkzoid Books Of World Record. This book beautifully describes nature’s elements using just three alphabets.
    Continuing his writing journey, Nikhil has recently got his name listed among The Top 23 Sensational Writers Of India. In 2021 he was awarded with The Opus Talent Award this achievement of his was also featured in Fab World Today and Time Bulletin
    Nikhil has written a book called Apsara, dedicating it to phenomenal actress Sonali Kulkarni, which is available on online platform like Kindle, Flipkart, and Amazon.On 6th November 2022 he got  “The Leading Publication Company Of The Year” award for his publication house by none other than Sonali Kulkarni. He has received Natial Pride Award (राष्ट्रीय गौरव पुरस्कार) by the Sociallypoint Foundation, “राष्ट्रीय प्रतिष्ठा पुरस्कार” in the year 2022 by Worthy Wellness Foundation. Celebmania Magzine recognised his name as one of the Top 20 Celeb Personalities. Adding the cherry on the cake Nikhil has also been recognised as Top 18 Exceptional Talents of The Globe by the Inkzoid Foundation.Recently, Nikhil has also been recognised as one of the Top 10 Outstanding Personalities of the Globe by the Inkzoid Foundation.
    He has made a  world record for writing the first book with various styles of poems dedicated to the Former Women Indian Cricket Team captain Mithali Raj named “The Mitali Raj”
    You can get in touch with him via his Instagram handle:- @love.vibes143 or by his email:- love.vibes143@outlook.com.

About Record Holder Shaili Jain

Shaili Jain hails from a small village called Barodia Kalan, Sagar (Madhya Pradesh) with an ambitious, simple, and straight-forward personality. She has co-authored 150+ anthologies so far, including “Lafzon Ka Khel,” “Rakhi Prem Ka Dhaaga,” “Fake Smile,” “Moody Foodie,” “Black Rose,” and “Samaj Ki Nazar Se Ek Stree.” She herself has compiled books named “Amiable Papa,” “Draupadi’s Krishna,” “Hindustan Ki Gauravgatha,” and “Anubhav Zindagi Ke.” “Agra to Delhi” is her first solo book, which is a love story written by her. Apart from this, she has also dedicated a book to Mithali Raj, former Indian Women Cricketer. It’s been two years since she has been into writing. In the year 2022, her name was included in the “Top 27 Best Personalities.” She likes to write stories and poems, bhajans and muktaks, as well as learn new things and write on new topics. She is a big fan of renowned writer Munshi Premchand’s works and wants to become a big writer in the future. The poems written by her often express the feelings of her heart. If you want to read her poems, follow her Instagram ID, Writer_Shaili_Jain. Apart from this, you can also read her creations on her YouTube account: https://youtube.com/@writershailijain4709Gmail I’d – writersshailijain@gmail.com

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