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The Top 7 Poetries Of The Year 2023.

The Top 7 Poetries Of the Year 2023 are Nari Shakti By Nidhi Shukla, Lament of the moon bound Poet By Rohan Nath, लाज मेरी अब रखिय भला By Krishna Kumar, A Thristy Mind Knows No Boundaries by Arjun Kumar Singh, A Woman With Gratitude By Archana Subba, Dear Dad By Maaya SH & Love Agony By Sabita Dakua.

Poetic Souls Publications takes an initiative to felicitate the deserving talents and tried to support the upcoming budding talents because they believe everyone has a talent thay just need to find and execute it at the correct.

•Nari Shakti By Nidhi Shukla

सेहनशीलता की मूरत हो
दीखने में खुबसूरत हो
आखें हमेशा नीची हो
मु पे साधी चुपी हो।।
घर को वा सवर्ग बनाये
अधरो से मुसकान न जाय
तब कहलाऐ कुशल गृहणी
जो अपमान को करे अनसुनी
कुचाल दे अपने सपने अपना मान ।।
तभ बनजाऐ सर्वगुण समपण ।।

पर क्यूं है ऐसी होड लगी
क्यू चुप रह के सहते हैं सभी
देख क्या हुआ इसका अंजाम
कुछ नही तेरी पहचान,
तजसे जुडा किसी का नाम
उस नाम से ही है सम्मान
हर इन्सान का है ये हक
फिर भी क्यूं है तूझको शक ।।
नर नारि का यह भेद ।।
कुरिती से हुआ है तेज ।।

कमजोर नहि तेरा तन, मन
करती है तु नवसर्जन ।।
बेमोल नही .. अनमोल है तू ।।
सिर्फ नारी नहीं … देवी है तू ।।
सरस्वती, लक्ष्मी तू काली ।।
शक्ति तुझमे तेज निराली

मैं भी एक लडकी हूं
आज मै सबको कहती हूं
अब अपमान चुप चाप मत सून
सबसे उपर खुदको तू चुन
अपने सम्मान की रक्षक बन
जो करे अपमान उसकी भक्षक बन
है सम्मान न कोइ भीख
सबसे पहले ये तू सीख ।।
खुदके महत्तव को तू पहचान
तभी मिलेगा तुझको मान
आत्म सम्मान पे है तेरा हक
उसे पाने को बस पहला कदम रख
अब मत कर इक पल की देरी
तोड़ दे ये जंजीर ये बेडी।।

•Lament of the moon bound Poet By Rohan Nath

In twilight’s realm, where shadows dance,
There dwell a boy with heart in a fragile trance,
Beneath a cloak of loneliness he sigh,
His soul like parchment, inked with bittersweet pain,
Yearning for solace, a refuge to sustain.

Like wolves he roam, through solitude he tread,
His heart aching, longing to be fed.
For in the moon’s embrace, He find a kin,
A beacon of light in a world so dim.

His soul, woven with threads of poetry’s might,
In words he find solace,
In verses he take flight, Like cosmic scribes,
his pens unfurled, he etch his pain upon the canvas of the world.

Like wolves drawn to the moon’s celestial glow,
He is captivated, entranced by its ethereal show.
A luminous orb, casting a spell of desire,
Igniting his heart, setting his spirits afire.

Verses become whispers under the moon’s soft light,
Aching for love, as the moon pulls on ocean tides.
He yearn for someone who’ll listen, truly understand,
To hear his cries, his hopes, and dreams, hand in hand.

In each word he weave, a tapestry of emotion,
A symphony of longing, a lyrical devotion.
Within his verses, his heart whispers
The boy full of loneliness and poetry,
Bound by the moon, like wolves roaming free.

•”लाज मेरी अब रखिय भला ” By Krishna Kumar

लाज मेरी अब रखिय भला
भोले बाबा कर के कृपा
हम पर दया
मेरे भोले शिव शंकर
कृपा ओ भक्त के ऊपर
सभी देवों से बढ्कर
आपका पह्ला नम्बर
हरि ओम बाबा दिगम्बर
हो लाज …….
आप हैं दाता हम हैं भिखारी
तेरे चरणों के हम हैं पुजारी
बिगड़ी बनाने वाले बिगड़ी बना
कर ……. , लाज …….
आप हैं अविनाशी घट – घट वासी
विनती ‘’ Krishna ‘’ की यही है खासी
दरस दिखाने वाले दरस दिखा
कर …… , दिगम्बर
हो ….. , लाज…..
आप हैं दयालु और कृपालु
भक्त हैं आपके बड़े श्रद्धालु
कष्ट मिटाने वाले कष्ट मिटा
कर …… दिगम्बर …..
हो …… लाज

•A woman With Gratitude By Archana Subba

When you have a heart that feels a deep pinch within
Wet eyes forgetting to roll down their cheeks
Words that play to and fro from heart to mind
But still you carry a wide smile to show to the world that all is perfectly well
This is grace,This is attitude,This is integrity
This is me and you out there
A woman with Gratitude.

Three things that I miss
Mother’s warm hug
Selfless love
Unselfish happiness

Sometimes the night steals the sleep from your eyes
Making you more alive in the darkest cloud
You feel the pain more and the heart feels like it stopped beating
Sometimes the night steals the smile from your face and takes you back to your lonely self searching for your own shadow.

Shuffling between heart and the head
Don’t know which is right
Is my heavy heavy or the head is overloaded.

Time is the biggest factor
You feel the pace when it’s gone.

Don’t judge me with your might
I will flow like a river.
Don’t count me in the crowd
I will vanish like a spark.

Masked face
The plastic smile
Brandish affection
Otiose bonding.
A search for life
A riddle to solve
A zigzag route
With multiple clues.
Urge for truth
An ounce of faith
Life is a bread
With millions taste.

•Dear Dad By Maaya SH

As I speed fast into a long drive ,
I recollect the moments of journey of life ,
Dewdrops of happiness linger all over
Through the brook that pulsates in composure .

The poise streams of joyful impressions
Lie suspended in my possession ,
The selfless things that you have done for me
Float across the memory of sea .

You took my hands and nurtured me with core
As you smiled along your way ,
With snippets that poured a fervent prayer
Like sunbeams that illuminated my way .

The gifts of blessedness runs so deep
With flowers of elixir that bask in a heap ,
For , well I glance on the gathered thoughts
With a nod and a smile that the memories have brought .

•Love Agony By Sabita Dakua

True sparkles are our thoughts,
Wounds become wisdom in inner knotts,
Childish explanations at every step,
Immature decisions roll a day overstep.

Churning out our own life together always,
Complicate repetitive delays,
A cocktail of words messes with a story,
Nothing will turn out as our glory.

Practitioner of being informed prior,
Resolves the issue parted ways exterior,
Unleashed moments rejoice in ambience,
Something has a mash-up presence.

Falsehood outer space disappears,
Illuminate your own power that deceives fears,
Love is all about loving and caring,
Everything with gratitude turns into anything.

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