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“One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs “

The internet is growing rapidly. It has given rise to new opportunities in every field we can think of – be it entertainment , business ,sports or education . It has lowered the human efforts and has been proven a time saver at many place

There are two side to a coin.  Internet has also its own disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages is Cyber Crime – illegal activity committed to the internet.

The absence of proper security and various data losses is leading to a lot of critical crises nowadays. The critical crises lead to disabling the various ongoing work in highly reputed institutes, banks, hospitals, etc. Data loss has become a major threat to country’s security. Hence, the need for awareness of what actually cyber security is along with its benefits is necessary for every individual out there.

Realizing this conflict, Clairvoyance Stratadviz Pvt.Ltd has come up with many various services which provides the best internet security.

They have effectively served more than 200+ clients till date with a decade year of experience in the same field.

Advantages of cyber security.

  • The cyber security defends us from critical attacks.
  • It helps us to browse the site, website without having any fear of data loss.
  • Internet security processes all the incoming and outgoing data on your computer.
  • The main motive of them is to make India Cyber Vigilant Community with 100% Employability.
  • They have come up with a very good initiative of making India unemployable free and at least try to provide good work facilities for youth in India.
  • As observed, there is not a issue of low vacancies, it is actually due to less knowledge of practical skills which is far more different than the theoretical.
  • As everyone is aware that practical skills yields more results than the theory one, as a result, unemployment is increasing  rapidly as most of the industries demand field skills.
  • To erase this differences, the industry Clairvoyance Stratadviz Pvt.Ltd has built up a bridge of uniqueness by which the industry peoples can fully indulge sometimes to train the candidates.

Currently, the company is focusing on the following:-

  • Developing trained and skilled graduates.
  • Decreasing the space between the corporates and candidates.
  • Providing a mesmerizing way of teaching industrial candidates and ensuring that they are getting trained  directly by industry professionals.
  • Providing experienced mentors the candidates having good knowledge and experience in Ethical hacking, Cyber forensics and Cyber laws.
  • Working both in public and private sectors and providing special features such as guaranteed placements, Live projects and insights into Cyber Security which are gradually not provided by any College or training institute, etc.

Founder efforts-

The founder of this company is a skilled professional personality who has not only spread Cyber Security Awareness to more than 1 million people but also has given 500+ workshops in more than 25 countries in there respective Colleges, Govt. Organization which have provided a great helping hand and support to more than 20,000 candidates.

The personality is called as Sumit-Jha, an award winning speaker who has abundance experience in the field of Cyber Security Auditing. He is a man of courage with proper knowledge, great consistency of not giving up on his dreams and reaching at his desired goal at a very young age.

He is for sure a great rising star, with prominent hard work capacity and a role model for the nation’s youth. He done his B.Tech from IIT ( KGP ) and MS from MIT ( BOSTON ) His ability of not giving up and dedication towards his destiny has resulted him into a start up – AIVA TECHNOLOGIES and CLAIRVOYANCE STRARADBIZ PVT.LTD.

Future planning.

With pure intentions anyone can achieve what they want and the same is the aim of these company. They want to expand to their boundaries and take their startup at global level.

Being inspired from AATMA NIRBHAR BHARAT they aim to make online world safer and employing the needy youth of India who hold our country’s future.

Being the first professional platform to serve a versatility of services with a touch of unique services and mind blowing facilities.

Taking every requirement into consideration these company is satisfying every industry’s needs at a whole new level and India needs more startup like this who thinks about every individual including the country. What a massive startup, this will obviously be a helping hand in India’s development in almost every online field.

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