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“Palak Dutta-An Elegant Medico” Is A Book Dedicated To Palak Dutta On Her Birthday.

Palak Dutta-An Elegant Medico

“Palak Dutta-An Elegant Medico” is a book dedicated to Palak Dutta on her birthday by INKZOID FOUNDATION(available in two editions Hindi & English) which is a sign of respect and love towards her by the whole team and the founder Durlav Sarkar.A new official community of INKZOID FOUNDATION named as ‘The Magical Quill Community’ was also declared on this day(15th May 2022) with Palak Dutta as the founder of this community.

What Is The Magical Quill Community?

The Magical Quill Community is an official writing community of INKZOID FOUNDATION which was started on Palak Dutta’s birthday with her as the founder and it aims to provide platform to the budding writers all over the world so that they can create masterpiece and become an inspiration for the future generations.

Palak Dutta-An Elegant Medico

Who Is Palak Dutta?

Palak Dutta

Palak Dutta is a debut artist, writer, dreamer and a poet. She was born in Ferozepur, Punjab and is currently a medico pursuing her graduation from Kyiv Medical University, Ukraine and currently she is the Co founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION.

Palak Dutta also recently made a new record and history by compiling a book named “Land Of Diversity” with World Record Holder Author Durlav Sarkar which consists of write-ups in more than 35+languages and 50 + Co Authors which is indeed marvelous, creates a new history and it is beyond level therefore it enters the OMG Book Of Records Of Edition 2021.

Poetry is a way of expression for her, when she can’t find her way through the ardous life she turns to her quill for help. Her forte is to portray deep emotions in simple words.
She is the Co founder of INKZOID FOUNDATION and has just now published her solo book “My Magical Quill” and her first anthology “The Revolution” You can check it on amazon.
You can read more of her work on her Instagram page: @my_magical_quill

She is a very enthusiastic and sensible person. She has a strong passion for medicine, therefore, healing has always been her keen interest either through medicine or by her words. Her main focus is well-being of the society not only by medical aid but also by penning down the sensitive and deep emotions in simple words. She takes inspiration from real life events such as social issues and pours it out into a masterpiece on paper.

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