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Pallavi Dey’s Death Shocked The Tollywood Industry.

Bengali Actress Pallavi Dey

Bengali TV actress Pallavi Dey’s body has been found hanging from the snare in Kolkata. Pallavi’s body was found at her house this morning, police said, adding that after preliminary investigation, it is said to be a case of suicide.

Police begin investigation: In this case, the police have filed a case of unnatural death and started action. Pallavi’s body was found hanging from a fan in her house. Seeing Pallavi hanging from the snare, they immediately rushed her to the hospital, but alas, Pallavi had passed away before reaching the hospital. She was declared dead on her arrival at the hospital. Pallavi’s body has also been sent for post-mortem. The police are investigating the case and are also trying to find out the reason behind the actress’ move.

Pallavi was a famous actress of Bengali TV: The news of Pallavi’s sudden suicide shocked everyone. Pallavi was a famous actress in the Bengali TV industry. She was seen in the lead role in the TV  show ‘Mon Mane Na’. Talking about Pallavi’s career, after working in the TV serial ‘Resham Jhanpi’, she also got special recognition. Pallavi was the favourite of her fans. His acting and characters have been very much liked. Pallavi’s death has given her every fan with the stars grief that may never go away from their hearts.

About The Incident

Bengali actress Pallavi Dey was found dead at her flat in the Garfa area of Kolkata. Her body was recovered from her house on Sunday morning.

“After preliminary investigation, it seems to be a case of suicide”, said the police. Pallavi’s body was found hanging from a ceiling fan. The body has been sent for the post-mortem.

The Bengal Police have started an investigation by filing a case of unnatural death.

The Bengali TV actress was known for playing the lead role in ‘Mon Mane Na’ as Gauri. She has also worked in several other shows including Resham Japi, Saraswati Prem and Ami Sirajer Begum.

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