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Raj Mahajan turned 44 on October 21, Know interesting things about Raj Mahajan

New Delhi. Raj Mahajan is a famous musician. Raj Mahajan, the head of Moxx Music, who lives in Delhi, recently completed his 44 years on 21 October. Raj Mahajan has released more than 1500 music albums in many languages. Raj Mahajan, popularly known as the  ‘King of Dollywood’, has been the god father of many artists. His life was not that easy. Under his banner, he has promoted and given a platform to many artists. Let us know some interesting things about him:

Raj Mahajan has not inherited music. Raj Mahajan’s father used to scold Raj Mahajan a lot for being engaged in music and asked him to work. Raj Mahajan has not taken formal education in music. Mahajan has learned music little by little from different gurus. Being busy at the shop, Raj Mahajan could not find much time to learn music. To learn music from Ustad Sajjad Khan Sahib, he used to get up at 4 in the morning and go to learn music by bus and by 8 o’clock. Post that he used to open shop and start his daily work. He used to go to learn music from Playback singer Tochi Raina after closing the shop at 11 pm. Raj Mahajan has also learned music for some time from Satish Rawat, who is a disabled musician.

Raj Mahajan, the successful Managing Director and CEO of Binacatunes Media Pvt Ltd and Moxx Music Pvt Ltd, could not complete his studies due to financial conditions. From the age of 8, Raj Mahajan started handling the shop. At the age of 10, Raj used to work as a helper at his father’s flour mill and used to grind spices, due to which he also got asthma problem. Apart from this, Raj Mahajan also knows how to make Paan. Raj Mahajan also did the work of selling kachori-samosas, photostating, typing, graphic designing, lathe and drill machine operator. Raj Mahajan used to type very fast and that too without looking at the matter. Raj Mahajan says, “A struggling childhood taught me to live. I didn’t complain about it to anyone. Whatever I was doing, I kept dedicating it to my parents. And, now I’m doing it for my kids.”

One of this latest songs ‘Umr 40 Ke Paar’ is going viral these days. Raj Mahajan is also a poet & lyricist. He has been awarded by Uttar ‘Pradesh Sahitya Sansthan’ for his contribution in Literature.

He has also penned an ‘Aarti’ for his deceased mother and produced the same. ‘Aarti Maa Indira Ki’ already released the same on last year worldwide on all the music websites under the music label of Moxx Music Company. The melody of this composition is traditional yet arranged by Raj Mahajan and his team. His mother expired on the same day of release of the music.

Raj Mahajan was born on 21st October, 1977 and Raj Mahajan says in fun that he is reborn Ravana. As it was a Day of Dusshera when he was born. Ravana was being burnt all over when Raj Mahajan took birth. It was Dashmi of Shukl Paksh in Vikram Samvada 203 on his birthday in 1977.

Raj Mahajan had made headline for the Season 10 and 11 of Bigg Boss. He was one in the list of rumored contestant for Bigg Boss 10. Although, he couldn’t make it.

Raj Mahajan stated on his social media, “Position of Mother is above all the gods… Nothing is greater than a mother… I made this creation keeping my mother as god in mind.” 

Even at the age of 44, Raj Mahajan is fond of gym workouts. Raj Mahajan, who is fond of fitness, also does social work from time to time under his NGO “Maa Indra Foundation”.

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