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We both belong to two different states, two different religions – He is Hindu, and I am Christian. We decided on two weddings, but the question was, are we going to make two mangalsutra or one and if one then which religious style should it be? There are different types of Mangalsutra throughout our country. Despite both being south Indian, every state in South India has its own type of mangalsutra. Christian women in Kerala wear minnu, which has a small leaf like pendant with a cross. Mangalsutra, (also called bottu/taali/minnu) being sacred jewellery; we did not want to make two of it.

So, I researched and decided to design my very own mangalsutra to bring both styles together. Once the design was ready, it was time to show it to the pandit/priest and get it approved as everything has a meaning to it so things cannot be changed drastically. Luckily, the priest was very impressed and happy. He said, “Akhir Bhagwan to Bhagwan he hai na. (After all, God is God) Please go ahead with the making of the mangalsutra.”

My Mother-In-Law went all the way out to find a goldsmith in the time of the COVID Crisis and convinced them to make a mangalsutra of this design, while some people around her simply asked her to ignore the idea. But my MIL went ahead and did it for me. 🥺❤

So, yes, my mangalsutra has a Cross on one side and Laxmi + Om on the other side. It’s unique, it’s mine, it’s what we stand for and this is what our relationship stands for.

Many still keep asking, if either of us got converted. For all those who are still in doubt the answer is NO. My simple question to you is If you like a particular color before marriage, is that going to change after marriage? And, if your liking can’t change as per your marital status then how can your faith change which is so deeply rooted? We live in the 21st century and there should not be such things like changing names or getting converted. We registered our marriage under Special Marriage Act 1954. The Special Marriage Act is a central legislation made to validate and register interreligious and inter-caste marriages in India. It allows two individuals to solemnize their marriage through a civil contract. No religious formalities are needed to be carried out under the Act. Faith can’t be taken out of the person just with some paperwork. Faith is deeply engrained in you.

As for us, marriage symbolizes not only the coming together of two individuals but also their two different worlds. The bond of understanding, equality, commitment and respect should be there not just for each other’s likes and dislikes but also for their faiths and beliefs. It’s only then can you have a successful interfaith marriage and also make a whole new and unique world that you can call yours!

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