Shahjahanpur Prosceniums LLP is not merely an idea; it’s a habitat. As the tagline of the production house Shahjahanpur Prosceniums goes – ‘School, Drama, Cinema’, it’s  a rostrum which promises to provide a creative cohort to aspiring actors, aspiring writers and public speaking aspirants to learn, ideate and generate sustainable opportunities in the future with industry standards. Shahjahanpur Prosceniums has an effective presence on stage theatre, does casting of actors for different media projects and even produces content for camera like digital and corporate advertisements etc and prepares professional screenplays and script pitches on a customised need based level for production houses and OTT platforms.

Shahjahanpur Prosceniums, or SPS (as we lovingly call it) has this strong beautiful vibe to it as it comprises of some amazingly creative people around who have the collective zest to do something good for actors, writers and public speakers. We are working consistently to provide industry standard training to aspiring actors and aspiring writers and discover means and ways for them to produce prospects which can provide financial and social security to them on the basis of their skill.

The production house is founded by actor, writer, acting teacher and script coach, Manil Mayank Mishra with ‘Inspirers’ Neha Pathak, a research scholar and Botanist who juggles her time perfectly between her scientific requirements and her passion to make creative opinions upon films and stage shows, Jamila Khan, a communications coach and a professional actor and singer, who by her panache in Urdu has won over multiple hearts on stage and on camera. Then there is Smriti Rastogi, a regular face on Television channels as a host and a prolific anchor and even guides and teaches students of Delhi University on Journalism. With Ashish Pandey, a popular Television figure debating on socio – legal and political issues and lawyer of repute of international corporate affairs, this inspiring sphere of Shahjahanpur Prosceniums indeed becomes complete as a perfect sphere of art.

It’s also very amusing to know that the name ‘Shahjahanpur’ in ‘Shahjahanpur Prosceniums’ derives its roots from the ancestral town of the Thinker Founder of the production house, Manil Mayank Mishra and ‘Prosceniums’, an ancient name for stage, shows his indelible association with stage theatre as well.

Shahjahanpur Prosceniums has been established keeping in mind years of journey of the processes, struggles and that social reluctance an artiste goes through. The entertainment industry in India does not have a formal structure and therefore opportunities, projects etc do not come easy. Plus, the skepticism in Indian households for making a ‘career’ in film/theatre industry discourages talents to enter into this vocation unwillingly with depleted financial and moral support from the families. Shahjahanpur Prosceniums, in that regard, as a production house is a result of Manil’s own personal insights, struggles and journey to make his own mark in the film industry as an artiste himself and what he largely observed with his own acting and scripting students in his large experience as an acting teacher for about 11 years. This essentially made Manil and other ‘inspirers’ to strategically formulate the ethos of Shahjahanpur Prosceniums particularly clear since beginning. Shahjahanpur Prosceniums believes in equal participation and equity in distribution of assets and opportunities. We firmly encourage democratic space to share and barter ideas amongst actors and writers in their own community and communities established by Shahjahanpur Prosceniums for them. We denounce nepotism, gender discrimination and social classification on the basis of economy and culture. We proactively drive our people (inspirers, mentors, employees, interns, team members etc.) for successive learning, growth and deep commitments towards creativity and newness in personal development and for the holistic contribution towards our Hindi Film Industry and Indian Stage and Theatre Industry in any manner possible.

 “Shahjahanpur Prosceniums is actually a culmination of the effort of all the members to put their skill set together for one unified platform – Shahjahanpur Prosceniums”, informs Thinker Founder Manil Mayank Mishra. Shahjahanpur Prosceniums has always maintained that money, financial challenges and social security should not become a deterrent in the pathways of actors and writers to realize their dreams. This also brings Shahjahanpur Prosceniums for being a wonderful platform which organizes regular sessions and discussions comprising of industry experts like film directors, casting directors, media lawyers and celebrated writers for the benefit of aspiring actors and aspiring writers. “We practically do everything – training, theatre, shooting, scripting, perhaps everything which makes us grow as an organisation” – Manil Mayank Mishra adds further.

Perhaps this attitude of always being a student of the school of cinema and theatre, Shahjahanapur Prosceniums has done casting of actors in about 5 big projects of digital Ads, trained multiple writers upon screenwriting and helped many actors in their journey from scratch, mentored authors on how to turn into a screenwriters, just in a couple of months since its inception.

Shahjahanpur Prosceniums and its team does not limit itself to professional assignments only, infact it proactively gives training and conducts workshops etc. on acting in premiere schools, corporate houses, colleges and with working professionals. To mention, this multifarious work culture of Shahjahanpur Prosceniums has also been covered by a premiere Bangalore magazine, The Bangalore Insider, previous individual theatrical activities have been applauded and covered by popular English media houses like Times of India, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, The Patriot, The Asian Age etc at different stages.

Currently, team Shahjahanpur Prosceniums – Neha, Ashish, Jamila, Smriti and Manil are constructively working on to create one enriched online library for the advantage of aspiring actors and writers which shall include monologues, stage and film scripts, literature and books upon scripting and acting (rare to popular). This online library shall cater to both Hindi and English spoken actors and writers to its maximum ability.

Post pandemic now, Shahjahanpur Prosceniums plans to revive theatre shows, working on new scripts and expecting good projects in casting and in production in close future.

To associate with our ongoing opportunities, courses, workshops and sessions, aspiring actors and aspiring writers can contact team Shahjahanpur Prosceniums on our social media handles on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin or else, one can whatsapp us at 8791696061, call us at 9953422722 or mail us at

Shahjahanpur Prosceniums, as Manil says, “believes in that one universal quote by Pablo Picasso  ‘Everything you can imagine is real’ ”. So, come with your dreams and Shahjahanpur Prosceniums shall simply try to turn them into some believable reality.

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