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Shraddha Rai-Best Poetess From Bhopal.

Shraddha Rai

Shraddha Rai is a young poetess hailing from the City of Lakes, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She is a student studying in fourth year & pursuing B.Sc-B.Ed. Her hobby is writing, gardening & playing. She loves to paint the canvas of her life with the vibrant colors of thoughts, emotions & experiences. She has written 100+ anthologies as a co-author. In addition, she compiled an anthology named ‘GARDEN OF LIFE’. Furthermore, she has written a solo book named ‘INK FROM A KIND HEART’ in the year 2021 which is available on Amazon. She shares her write-ups through social media platforms like Instagram s_ilent_killer27 and on YourQuote & Oxigle as Shraddha Rai. You can follow her to read her write-ups.


‘HUES OF MY LIFE’ is a book basically based on the different types of emotions experienced by a person during the journey of life. Anxiety, contentment, depression, envy, fear, anger, pride are the shades of one’s personality which are revealed during different time intervals. This book is a collection of these emotions wrapped into poetry.

In addition, it also contains some poems written on some special festivals & important personalities which bring the glimpses of history & magic of motivation.

The author tried to cover all the topics suggested by her heart & presented them with pure thoughts, alluring words & relatable verses.


Shraddha Rai

I would like to express a deep sense of thanks & gratitude to the co-founder & CEO of WOS publication for guiding me immensely throughout the course of my project. They always evinced keen interest in my work. Their constructive advice & constant motivation has been responsible for the successful completion of my anthology.

My sincere thanks goes to Ms. Nikita Dudagi, founder of Words of soul publication for her coordination in extending every possible support for the completion of this book. I am also thankful to my parents for their support. Last but not the least, I would like to thank God for giving me strength, wisdom & grace to make my creative ideas & thoughts into mesmerizing words.

We all are happy & excited giving you this book filled with different emotions experienced by an individual during their life span. I hope you will find a great & worthy content in this book.

Happy Reading!!

-Shraddha Rai

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