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Shrey Choksi is a charismatic and inspirational author from India

Shrey Choksi is a proud Indian and a charismatic author. He takes pride in being a true patriot. Born on 2nd February in Vadodra, Gujrat Shrey aspires to do the best in every field not only for himself but also for the society.
He has been excelling in business related to construction industry since 8 years . He is also working on his start-up related to food security and sustainable product in Global market.
Alongwith, Shrey is a social worker actively working in Education and swatchh bharat mission in 2017 . He was invited by Russian government in international volunteer forum ,Moscow in 2019 to represent India.

His book “Krushna tilak” imparts the knowledge and message of The Bhagvad Geeta given by Krishna to the great warrior Arjuna during the war of Mahabharata. It also breifs the reader about the Krishna Yog. The author aims at preaching the teachings of the lord in an impactful and easy way which also talks about having a good control over our emotions in order to achieve anything.
The book talks about a spectrum of topics in a very beautiful manner, which majorly includes questions like, how the theory of karma works?, What is the cause of fear-misery and failure?, it explains about our body science and how our body senses –mind –ego –intellectual work together to carry out desired actions (karma) and lastly the book guides you to the path ofsuccess and happiness in life .
Each being faces dilemma and confusion in life and these situations demand for a decision that is to be taken by an individual… These circumstances usually leave the mind disturbed. However,originally the state of our mind is calm. If the mind is not under control ,then the body cannot be control either, because mind is the commander of the senses. No matter how good an army is ,without a good commander ,it is of no use ,it shatters ,goes out of control ,. Mind is our friend as well as enemy. Bhagvad Geeta gives us the guidance to make our mind our fretful friend.

The core of this book is derived from Shrey’s faith and devotion towards Krishna . He is an avid reader of spiritual and historical books of sanatan ( Hindu ) culture .During corona pandemic we all are in fear and dipress about our current situation and future goal .During this time he start to read the Bhagvad Geeta again .After complition of his reading and understanding, he talked a about this with many of his friends and relatives. His talks were centered on the teaching of Bhagvad Geeta and one’s life . During on of his long conversations he realised that Our generation need knowledge and teaching of Bhagvad Geeta to over throw fear and depression and ultimately bagg success . According to Shrey, Geeta gives us strength for tackle the struggle and consequently acheiving success. He feels that this book will definitely help our generation. His aim is to give quality spiritual knowledge without any manipulation beacuse unfortunately our education system fails to give this treasure knowledge to students.

Talking about the author’s future plans, he plans on writing a book on the topics such as “ Shakti : science of ultimate power within “ , ”The Rama “and, “Dharma –artha –kama –moksha Hindu way of balancing life “.
He also plans on starting a Spiritual meet ,Spiritual campaign and spiritual traveling where the children and youth would be taught about spritual texts and teachings.
“ Jay Hind – Jay Bharat “

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