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Shreyansh Kaushik Received INKZOID Excellence Award 2023.

Shreyansh Kaushik is an emerging author who recently received INKZOID Excellence Award 2023 with the title of “Best Writer Of The Year 2023” along with this he is a four-time co-author, and a national award-winning writer in the field of literature with a passion for words and storytelling, he has acquired great skill set and a unique style and his journey as a writer began at a young age, and his talent quickly gained recognition along with his dedication and commitment to his craft have led to numerous accolades, including multiple national awards in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of writing namely, Most Popular Author Award in the National Young Author’s Fair, National Writers Battle Winner etc.

In addition to his writing achievements, Shreyansh is also actively involved in various literary initiatives. He serves as the President of the Literature Society at his school, where he encourages fellow students to explore their creativity and hone their writing skills. Under his leadership, the society has flourished, organizing workshops, competitions, and literary events that have inspired countless aspiring writers.

Shreyansh’s passion for making a difference extends beyond the literary world. He is a dedicated community volunteer at Pehchan NGO, where he selflessly devotes his time and energy to help those in need. Through his involvement, he has contributed to various social causes, working tirelessly to create a positive impact on the lives of others.

With his exceptional writing abilities, impressive achievements, and commitment to service, Shreyansh Kaushik continues to be an inspiration to aspiring writers and a beacon of hope for the community. His dedication to literature and philanthropy exemplifies the power of words to shape the world around us, making him a true role model in his field

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