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Brace yourself! Grand Finale Of Dancing Super Star Season 6 happening In Vizag!

The Grand Finale of Gandham Foods Na’Palli Dancing Super Star Season 6 is the India’s most extravaganza dance reality show is all set to take place at the magnificent GURAJADA KALAKSHETRAM, Vizag, on June 24, 2023 with over 2,000 dancers from across the country will come together to showcase their incredible talents and this star-studded event was masterfully orchestrated by Ranjan Nayak, co-founder, and esteemed choreographer of Pace Creators Dance Academy and with an unwavering passion for dance, Nayak through Pace Creators Dance Academy aims to ignite dreams and imaginations while creating awareness about the profound significance of dance as an art form. Nayak being the visionary of Gandham Foods Na’Palli Dancing Super Star Season 6 promises to be a mesmerizing spectacle of talent, creativity, and dreams come true. This grand finale represents the pinnacle of their efforts, as they seek to promote and encourage new talent within India’s thriving dance industry.


The judges and guests of Dancing Super Star-6 includes Dr. Seediri Appalaraju, the current Minister of Andhra Pradesh for Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development, and Fisheries, will grace the event as the chief guest, adding prestige to India’s biggest dancing reality show, Gandham Foods Na’Palli Dancing Super Star-6 and the starlight of this star-studded program will be the charismatic and multi-talented Dharmesh Yelande he will be stepping into the spotlight as the Grand Master of the Gandham Foods Na’palli Dancing Super Star Season 6 Grand Finale. Dharmesh Yelande — popularly known as D-sir, is an Indian dancer, choreographer, actor, and television personality.
The Grand finale is incomplete without the jury and for The DSS season 6, the panel of judges comprises four esteemed choreographers from the Bollywood industry, each bringing their unique
expertise and perspective to the table. Deepak Rajput, the founder of Pace Creators Dance Academy and a renowned Bollywood choreographer, joins as a jury member, leveraging his wealth of experience from various dance shows. Sagar Bora, a talented hip-hop dancer, Ravi Varma, a dancer and dance teacher
inspired by the legendary Michael Jackson, and Kartik Raja, an Indian dancer, and choreographer previously showcased his skills in the show Dance Plus.


The Gandham Foods Na’Palli is the title sponsor of Dancing Super Star Season 6 Grand Finale is possible only because of the generous support of its sponsors. We are proud to mention, “Sunita Gandham“— an accomplished entrepreneur in the fashion industry and a social reformer, has taken on the significant role of being the title sponsor for India’s most prominent dance reality show, Dancing Super Star 6, through her platform,
Gandham Foods Na’palli Green Net Millet Snacks.”
Sunita Gandham’s inspiring journey intertwines fashion, dance, and agriculture (specifically millets and healthy
snacks), highlighting the connection between health and beauty, which led her to become the title sponsor of Dancing Super star-6.

With the “Gandham Foods Na’palli Dancing Superstar-6” journey fuel yourself with the perfect combination of Millet Laddu and Moringa. Indulge in the nutritious Millet Laddu to sustain your energy levels, while Moringa’s rhythm-boosting properties. Together, they create a harmonious blend
that propels one toward glory in the dance competition by enhancing performance.

About The Motto Of Sunita Gandham With Pace Creator’s Dance Academy

The motto of Sunita Gandham with Pace Creator’s Dance Academy is to create awareness about the profound relationship between rapturous dance, nutritious food, good health and a healthier life along with this Sunita Gandham is also a renowned dancer and recipient of the Governor’s Award and she recognizes Pace Creators Dance Academy is a platform that harmoniously balances Indian and international dance forms while assisting their students in building their careers and gaining recognition.


DR AGARWAL’S EYE HOSPITAL Visakhapatnam is the health care partner of dancing super star-6 which has demonstrated its commitment to promoting the arts and supporting the community along with this Dr James Subrat Kumar Adams, an Alumnus of Christian Medical College, Vellore and Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, being the Medical Director of Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital, Visakhapatnam along with his team have played an instrumental role in making this collaboration success with Pace Creator’s Dance Academy.


The Pride Sponsors Of Dancing Super Star 6 are CMR Shopping Mall adds power to the event as the power sponsor, Shian Train Resto led by Shiva and Harita Chowdary founder of HAREYSINTERIO joined as a co-sponsor, The prestigious Novotel Vishakapatnam extends its hospitality as the hospitality partner, ensuring a seamless experience for the participants and guests with this The dazzling costumes that will adorn the performers are courtesy of SAI TEXTILES, while VIZAG ROUND TABLE 77 chairman TR.Pratik Singhi, stands as the charity partner, spreading joy beyond the stage. Ravi Shankar of Event Houz, the event manager, skillfully manages this glitzy dance competition, ensuring
every detail is meticulously executed and Rupesh Gupta, founder of RK DIGITALS takes the role as Printing Partner to add shine to this event. D’ARTISTE ARTIFEX, the magazine and promotional partner, adds a touch of glamour to the event, capturing the essence of the performances for the world to see.

About The Auditions For Dancing Super Star 6

The auditions for Dancing Super Star 6 were held in 15 metropolitan cities, attracting aspiring dancers, dance enthusiasts, and renowned dance teachers and choreographers as esteemed
guests and the journey to the grand finale has been truly exhilarating. Let us witness the dance show and spread the motto of Sunita Gandham with pace creator dance academy, that GOOD HEALTH, GOOD FOOD GOOD DANCE, AND GOOD LIFE are correlated.

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