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Sikkim Girl Sakshi Sapkota Is The Face Of Sikkim

Sikkim Girl Sakshi Sapkota Is The Face Of Sikkim

Sikkim Girl Sakshi Sapkota who is currently the face and star of Sikkim is a cardiac technologist born at Beautiful Gangtok on 9th February 1998.They say people born on this date have great will power and have a clear path of what they want but she never thought that her will power will make her, THE FACE OF SIKKIM and A SIKKIM GIRL.

She always lived a comfortable life like a father’s little princess. Her beautiful middle-class family always gave her a sense of security and comfort zone. Her journey already started in 2013. When she was in school. She was an actively participating student who was used to dancing and social networking through school and Facebook. She has always been an extrovert child which literally helped her to grow beautifully. She always had a dream to work in the medical field and took her degree from Mewar University in cardiac technology.

Later in 2017, she actually started recognizing herself as a child who is far from home, as a determined student, identifying real friends, etc. She learned the basic needs for living a generous lifestyle. She learned a lot and enjoyed it too. During her studies, she started making fun videos on online platforms like musically app and slowly it became her side passion to upload videos and earn the hearts of people.

Sikkim Girl Sakshi Sapkota Is The Face Of Sikkim

A little girl from Sikkim was now having 2 lakh fans on the Musically app. She started getting appreciation from everyone who knows her. Her fans started supporting her and calling her “Sikkim girl”. It was all magical for her to get so much appreciation as a medical student. She started identifying herself as a social media influencer.

She completed her degree in 2021 and took an Internship program of six months at the renowned Jaypee Hospital NOIDA, Delhi NCR. She started her YouTube and Instagram channels to procure herself towards a complete Social Media Network with some streaming apps to support her activities economically. Now, she earns 80% of her income from social media platforms.

After coming back from her Internship she started the same field job with STNM Hospital in Gangtok as Cardiac Technologist Assistance but it didn’t give her real satisfaction and she stopped focusing on it. She didn’t stop it but took it as a daily routine work as besides being a social influencer she was always proud to be called a cardiac technologist.

She started working hard on Social media platforms after coming back home from her Internship, Participated in the “Sikkim Top Model Fashion Pageant” to show her stage strength & discipline, and got the 2nd runner-up award, in January 2022.

She collaborated with Famous Youtuber Bboy in April & May 2022, Which gave a big boost to her social media enterprise and followers. People liked this collaboration a lot. She has always been grateful to Bboy Mr. Sanjay who gave her this bright opportunity of collaboration, and who is now her best friend forever.

Sikkim Girl Sakshi Sapkota Is The Face Of Sikkim

She accomplished 100K subscribers on YouTube with her fabulous loving fan following and achieved 50K Followers on Instagram. It made her overwhelmed that she definitely did something good in life and that feeling was like jasmine in vally. She felt this was her life from the first and chose to continue this way of living forever.

She later collaborated with Famous Youtuber “TheUK07Rider”, Mr. Anurag Dobhal (Babubhaiya) in Sikkim & Siliguri Valley, People saw her doing paragliding and adventures, which made her stronger and more technically skilled with the camera, videography, and editing.

She got awarded as “Best Vlogger” in August 2022 by the Respective “Bengal India Banner” in Siliguri and also got awarded as a “Best Social Media Influencer” by the respected “Sikkim Awards Banner” in October 2022 in Gangtok. She promoted and collaborated with various decent Influencers and brands, and interviewed with channels like Voice of Sikkim, Bhetghat, etc. with amazing supportive people there.

So, SIKKIM GIRL has become her brand name now with tons of fans and an audience. She has always been so grateful to her fans and followers that she decided to continue this journey till her last breath and will be trying to put creativity and innovation into her beautiful vlogs.

She always mentions that she is made for women’s empowerment & real social fabrication. According to her, the world’s approach towards women needs to be changed for real. In society, everyone displays that they support but actually they don’t. She believes that it can change through a good brand or platform because if you have a good stage and several people in strength, your voice will be everywhere. She thinks that being in an influencer big network strengthens personality and isn’t always for wealth, It can be the real reformation. Her vision has always been to see women as powerful and independent beings.

The thing which is most important for her is that her profile name got more famous than Sikkim’s traditional food which she got to know at the Sikkim Awards Event. Her audience likes “Sikkim girl” as a representative or host of Sikkim state for the younger generation. Many vloggers and stars approach her with this name only whenever they come down to the northeast.

It was like the best award for her when she heard her father saying to someone familiar that I am a Sikkim girl’s dad .

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