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Janvi Rochlani Dipakkumar Made A World Record By Writing A Book On Theme ‘Mom’.

Janvi Rochlani Dipakkumar Made A World Record By Writing A Book On Theme ‘Mom’.

Writer Janvi Rochlani Dipakkumar from Surendranagar, Gujarat recently made a world record by writing the best book on the theme ‘Mom’ along with this she is a very talented girl and a good and professional writer along with this she is now working as teacher in Cambridge school of excellence which is very prestigious school located at Surendranagar.She has done bachelors and master in business administration.

Janvi Rochlani’s Hobbies

Janvi Rochlani’s hobbies are writing, reading, art and craft along with this she is very much inspired from her mother and maasi she is health conscious along with this she has been part of many anthologies too she is very talented and courage’s girl and she says she has been successful due to his family’s support.

About Janvi Rochlani’s Journey

Janvi Rochlani Dipakkumar Made A World Record By Writing A Book On Theme ‘Mom’.

Janvi Rochlani’s journey is very inspiring and she has struggled very much in her life she was in 10th when her mom passed away it was very difficult for her to handle all the things but with the help of her family and mother’s blessing she has became now a successful writer she likes to help others she is very humble in nature.Now she is planning to write her solo book on different content like girls rights their feelings etc.

About Janvi Rochlani’s Future Plans

Janvi Rochlani’s future plans says that she has a dream of becoming an writer as well as successful business women as she has completed her master degree she has dream of going world tour with her own owned money. She also has dream which of her mom of hotel management she wants to open a big grand hotel to complete her mom’s dream she loves her mom and she is grateful to get the opportunity in the magazine and she want to be very famous and popular because she loves to write poem and this is one of her favourite.

One Of The Poems Written By Her Is Mentioned Below


मोहताज़ है तीन माँ के इस ज़िन्दगी में
पेहली थी मेरी माँ दिया जिसने जनम
सिखाया जिसने चलना
दिखाई जिसने यह दुनिया
दी मुझे दुनिया की हर ख़ुशी
की ज़िद पूरी सभी
मेरे दिल में रेहती  भोली भाली मेरी माँ
दूजी थी धरती माँ दिया जिसने
जीने की वजह मुझे
साँसे चलती है उसके ऑक्सीजन से
प्यास बुझती है उसके पानी से
भूक मिटती है उसके खाने से
नज़ारा है देखने के लिए
जगह है रहने के लिए
समां जाती है दुनिया जिसमे
इसीलिए धरती हमारी माँ केहलाती है
तीसरी है मेरी माँ को माँ
बनाने वाली उसको माँ का दर्जा देने वाली
वो है मेरी माता रानी जिसको पूजते है हम होते है उसके नउ रूप मानते है उसे सभी रूपों में जो देख नहीं पाती अपने बच्चों को तकलीफ में दिया जिसने मुझे यह संसार
ऐहसान है इन तीनो के हमपे केहना मुझे बस इतना हम नहीं अगर ये नहीं 

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