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Small town boy makes his own empire in fitness industry

Harsh Suwalka started his fitness journey while he was doing a small housekeeping job. He started his training with very less facilities and struggled a lot and took a lot of criticism from people for being a small town boy but yet he started achieving his dreams by winning his first silver medal in powerlifting in 2017 and has won more than 80 medals in various powerlifting competitions . After this he moved to Mumbai to continue his journey in fitness field. He also worked as a trainer in gym in Udaipur at a very low salary, but as the saying goes “If you can dream it, you can achieve it”, after a year he opened his first gym “Fitness hub gym and Studio”. Now he owns 2 gyms and himself gives training to many people in Udaipur including many known celebrities. He also give online training and is very successful in this field. His clients are satisfied and are now in a very good physique. It is a true story of how a small town boy from bhilwara created his own empire in fitness field and plans to make it reach as many people as he can.

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